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Are you looking to build a career in film? Imagine connecting with industry experts who can share advice, open doors and connect you to seasoned industry professionals who can help shape your career. My First Job in Film (MFJF) is run by current film industry professionals and expressly designed to help aspiring filmmakers like you break into the industry and their 1:1 mentoring program run by industry experts is the best way to get started!

In this exclusive feature for We Empower Magazine we break down the My First Job in Film Mentoring program.

1:1 mentoring with My First Job in Film

This is your key to navigating the challenges of the film industry’s early stages, offering not just advice but a personalized pathway to success.

The mentorship sessions offered through the MFJF Mentor program offer immense value to those seeking guidance and support in their filmmaking journey. By connecting current industry professionals with those who need their advice the most, this program fosters an environment of knowledge sharing and growth.

With just a few clicks, members can easily schedule these mentorship sessions, enabling them to tap into the wealth of experience possessed by established filmmakers. This direct interaction allows for personalized guidance on topics such as scriptwriting, directing techniques, production strategies, and more.

The MFJF Community Mentor program not only provides invaluable insights but also serves as a platform for building meaningful connections within the film industry. By facilitating these mentorship opportunities, aspiring filmmakers have the chance to establish relationships with professionals who can potentially become long-term mentors or collaborators.

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What’s the investment? 1:1 mentoring is free with a pro membership ($9.99) a month. With your membership you’ll also gain access to a little black book of filmmakers and be able to connect, collaborate and share your portfolios. You’ll have access to exclusive insider jobs only shared within the MFJF community and can book resume clinics for tailored advice on how to take your next steps.

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