Robin Lane: Fearless at 90, Empowering Badass Women 50+ Through Stories of Resilience

In a world that often overlooks the strength and stories of women over 50, Robin Lane, a 90-year-old psychotherapist, is breaking barriers with her Badass Women 50+ talk show. Robin stands tall, championing the narratives of women who have refused to be marginalized. Join us as we delve into the empowering tales shared on the show and explore Robin’s unique perspective on age, resilience, and the pro-age movement.

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Gowans

As a psychotherapist, how do you ensure that the stories shared on the Badass Women 50+ show are empowering and supportive to women in similar situations?
Robin: I am 90 years of age and being fearless in a culture that worships youth is no small task. Just a year or so ago the 50 year old French author Yann Moix in a Marie CLAIRE interview said “at 50 years old I am incapable of loving a woman of 50, maybe when I’m 60 it will be a remote possibility“ a hoard of his same age country women sent him bikini selfies, which he denounced in the London Times. Pick up a magazine, especially one aimed at the female market and you won’t even see 50 year olds, unless they are celebrities airbrushed to the square root of invisible. The insanity around age has no bottom — in one way or another the vast majority of women over 50 are devalued. All of the stories and the struggles of the women on Badass Women 50+ are inspiring because like myself, everyone of them has refused to be marginalized.
How do you approach selecting guests for the show Badass Women 50+? What criteria do you consider?
Robin: One important criteria is that a guest has faced significant challenges such as changing horses to use a metaphor in midstream and in so doing has accomplished what she set out to do. If you go to our YouTube site you’ll find videos of women past 55 who have successfully reinvented their life path. There’s the feisty Linda Langton who moved from Australia to NY and became a sought after writers agent having never worked in that field before. Or artist Valerie Lynn who divorced in her 60’s & thus having to increase her income emailed countless people to drum up business for her new company & found the love of her life due to one email she sent to a friend who was in Paris with her recently widowed brother. Sue McIntyre after having spent her adult life saving women’s lives as an NGO in 3rd world countries then gave it up, wrote a novel and also became a successful painter.
With such a diverse range of talents and experiences, how do you balance each role in your work on the show?
Robin: Well, thank you for saying that I also have another show on Instagram. It’s called Badass Women “Love in the fast lane” where I function solely as a psychotherapist and provide solutions in 60 second videos that deal with the romantic challenges and queries that are of concern to women . We women are multitaskers so balancing differing roles is something every woman has been doing all of her life.
Can you share any anecdotes or memorable moments from your career that highlight the power and resilience of women over 50?
Robin: One of my favorite interviews is with the brilliant actress, Eve Austin, who is over 50 and is writing & producing films in which she is starring as the romantic lead and that in an industry that once a woman passes 50 even if she’s a celebrity relegates her to minor character parts. My interview on YouTube with Eve Austin shows her brilliant talent in selected excerpts from a number of the movies and TV shows she’s been in along with her telling her story and I can’t more highly recommend that people go to YouTube to watch this episode called “How I Took Control”. She is a force to be reckoned with and will become a “name” in the near future.
What unique perspective do you bring to the pro-age movement through your experience as a psychotherapist?
Robin: In the over 40 years that I have been practicing as a psychotherapist, I have gained a profound insight into the pain a woman experiencing invisibly and devaluation feels.
I have also seen a variety of the dysfunctional ways that women have responded. It has been my job to present alternative behavior patterns and facilitate a patient’s understanding that social prejudice is external and to help her strengthen her internal world and self care. By the time a woman is 50 and beyond I have tried to show on all our various platforms that she has now reached an age where her worth is not determined by conformity to external standards.
What future plans or aspirations do you have for the Badass Women 50+ talk show?
Robin: I have just finished over 50 one minute videos that I will post over the coming months on our Instagram Badass Women “Love in The Fast Lane” page. I have several inspiring women that I want to interview for our MNN show in New York which I plan to do in the fall. I’m also directing a play in New York City in June and I’m very much looking forward to that as I love working with Actors. I’m pretty happy with the formats and at the moment I have no plans to change them.

Photo Credit: Gabrielle Gowans

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