Royal Cheesecake & Varieties: Sweetening National Cupcake Day and Beyond

As December 15th unfolds each year, it brings with it the sweet celebration of National Cupcake Day. Amid the myriad of bakeries and dessert creators, there’s one exceptional duo, Kenneth and Tamara Williams, who have not only mastered the art of cupcakes but have turned their passion for baking into a flourishing business known as Royal Cheesecake & Varieties.

The Origins of Royal Cheesecake & Varieties:

Ken, armed with culinary certification, acquired his baking skills from cherished memories with his mom in Detroit, where pies were crafted from apples harvested in their backyard. Meanwhile, Tamara, certified by the wisdom passed down from her Mississippi-born grandmother, honed her baking expertise. Together, they embarked on a journey that would soon redefine the dessert scene.

A Humble Beginning:

In 2013, Royal Cheesecake & Varieties emerged at a kiosk in Northgate Mall, Durham, North Carolina, just in time for the holiday season. Their delectable creations quickly gained popularity, prompting the couple to explore new avenues.

From Markets to Festivals:

Post the initial success, Kenneth and Tamara expanded their reach to various farmers’ markets, with Midtown Farmers Market in North Hills being a key starting point. Their desserts became a staple at diverse events, including the African American Cultural Festival, Black Farmers Market, Got To Be NC, and the North Carolina State Fair.

A Sweet Leap Forward:

The year 2021 brought a significant milestone as they secured a grant, enabling them to acquire a dessert truck. This expansion allowed Royal Cheesecake & Varieties to share their sweet treats across different regions of North Carolina.

Brick and Mortar Dreams:

In late 2022, armed with another grant and their own seed money, Kenneth and Tamara took a bold step forward. Leveraging these resources, they secured a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan. This financial boost facilitated the realization of their dream — a brick-and-mortar establishment, a second food truck, and a commercial kitchen in Raleigh, NC.

A Dessert Destination:

Today, whether you spot their dessert truck roaming the streets, visit their inviting bakery, or order online for a delivery to your doorstep, Royal Cheesecake & Varieties is more accessible than ever. Their journey from a small kiosk to a brick-and-mortar symbolizes not only their success but also the love and dedication poured into each delightful creation.

In Conclusion:

On this National Cupcake Day, savor the sweetness that Royal Cheesecake & Varieties brings to the table. The tale of Kenneth and Tamara Williams exemplifies how a passion for baking, rooted in family traditions, can blossom into a thriving business that caters to dessert lovers far and wide. Their story is a testament to the spirit of entrepreneurship and the joy that a perfectly crafted cupcake can bring.

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