Kenny J. Wilkins Latest Release: “Love Is All We Need” - A Soulful Single Worth Listening To

Kenny J. Wilkins is a multi-talented artist who has made a significant mark in the music industry. Not only was he a former member of the renowned group RIFF, but he has also excelled as a Producer, Writer, Engineer, and Solo Artist.

Currently, Kenny is dedicated to working on various projects for himself as well as collaborating with other artists. His passion for music knows no boundaries, as he embraces and appreciates all genres.

One of Kenny’s most recent releases is his single “Love Is All We Need,” which can be found on all major streaming platforms. In a world that often craves more love and positivity, this song serves as an uplifting reminder of what truly matters.

Looking ahead, Kenny has exciting plans in store for his fans. He is set to release his rendition of John Legend’s hit song “All Of Me,” showcasing his unique artistic interpretation. Additionally, listeners can anticipate more singles and albums that will undoubtedly captivate their hearts and ears.

With Kenny J. Wilkins at the helm of these projects, there is no doubt that his talent and dedication will continue to shine through in every endeavor he undertakes. Stay tuned for an incredible musical journey filled with love, positivity, and unforgettable melodies from this exceptional artist.

How did your early exposure to music in church contribute to the development of his passion for music?

Kenny J. Wilkins: Church is full with musical talent. As a kid everyone had their favorite instruments but I always wanted to play them all. So if the keyboard was being played I would go on the drums, and if they were occupied I’d go to the guitar. If that was taken I’d find a horn; anything to make a sound. If all were occupied and my little keyboard ran out of battery, I would sing. The development of the passion form music came from those experiences.

Can you share your musical journey, starting from playing an acoustic guitar in church at the age of 5 to his diverse instrumental skills in the mid-’90s?

Kenny J. Wilkins: Yes.. it’s all started with the guitar and it matriculated to other instruments. It’s like I don’t remember when I started playing them I just looked up and here I was playing multiple instruments. As a producer, musician, engineer and singer it makes sense to me to know the sound of the instrument. To me it makes it easier to understand how it is supposed to sound.

How did the rich musical culture of Englewood, featuring talents like Silvia Robinson and Dizzy Gillespie, influence your interest in music production?

Kenny J. Wilkins: WOW!! These were people that everyone listened to. Mrs. Robinson as well as Mr. Gillespie’s called Englewood their home. Their home was full of extremely talented people. Mrs. Robinson with founding Hiphop and Mr. Gillespie stamped his greatness on Jazz. Everything about that is influence!!

What motivated you to pursue music technology at The Institute Of Audio Research, and how did this education shape your career?

Kenny J. Wilkins: My passion for the sound of music motivated me to pursue music technology. My interest in not only music but the process of it intrigued me totally.

As a former member of RIFF, what roles did you play, and how did these experiences influence your solo career as a Producer, Writer, Engineer, and Solo Artist?

Kenny J. Wilkins: With RIFF as in any music arrangement my role was to sing, write, produce and help with the business. The experience influenced me by way of still pursuing the music to another level. Writing and performing for them called on me to play a part of the group, as the solo guy it all depends on me and me only..

How do you approach music genres, and why do you believe in expressing your love for music across various styles and instruments?

Kenny J. Wilkins: I try to approach music with an open mind. Let the music write the lyrics. I believe having some idea about the style you’re trying to write is a help. Everything is interchangeable; its music, have fun!!

What is the philosophy behind your approach to writing for projects, emphasizing a positive perspective and staying true to your muse?

Kenny J. Wilkins: So the philosophy behind the music I enjoy to write will always have a perspective about it that promotes life, love and happiness.. there are many ways to stay true to the muse but there is one that I stick my and that would be to stay true to yourself and realize artists are gifted to spread positivity

What message do you convey through your recent single “Love Is All We Need,” and how do you aim to spread positivity through your music?

Kenny J. Wilkins: The message of love is transcending. People will always need it and if it’s respected it will always give back to you. Spreading it and changing the narrative that it does still exist is a forever journey.

What exciting projects can fans anticipate from you in 2024?

Kenny J. Wilkins: Lots of things are happening. I’ll be dropping another some mid quarter 2024, a full record mid year. Tours are coming, exciting things that hopefully spread the reality of love!

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