Interview With Hair Care Mogul, Yalmikia Edmonds

Yalmikia Edmonds stands as a beacon of inspiration. From her dedicated role as a mother to her venture as the owner and creator of Levonye Professionals, Yalmikia’s journey is a testament to her commitment to empowering women and restoring their confidence through hair.

Her journey as a hair restoration specialist began when she started doing hair in her community as a teenager. When Yalmikia graduated from high school, she then went to Cosmetology school in 2004. After graduating from Cosmetology school, she went and worked for a popular hair cutting company, that’s where Yalmikia learned more hands on skills.

After working there for four years, she decided to take a leap of faith and operate her own salon. Yalmikia opened up her salon at the age of 25.
As time went on, she continued her education in the beauty industry. This is where Yalmikia became a Certified Hairloss Practitioner.

Yalmikia then went back to school at USTI institute and studied Hair loss. Now she’s able to see clients with hair loss conditions and scalp issues. She shared with us that she’s deeply grateful to be the solution and to have the opportunities to serve women who have unique contrast with their hair.

Please enjoy our interview!

Tell us about your product line.

Yalmikia: Our product line is one that is unique. We offer a variety of products, from medical wigs, to traditional wigs, and hair restoration beauty products. Although our hair restoration products are created to help restore your hair for women who have thinning hair and alopecia, they can also be used for women who want to maintain and keep their existing hair. I wanted to cover all corners. When our customers/clients choose Levonye Professionals we want to make sure that they don’t exit without learning and gaining the resources and knowledge about hair care that they were looking for.

Who do you feel is your target client?

Yalmikia: For my hair restoration salon, my target client is women with alopecia, but we also provide services to children and men.

What makes your business and approach to hair care unique?

Yalmikia: Our approach is unique because we’ve been through the learning phase and use our knowledge to help women who are entering the learning phase of hair care. Education is key so we don’t just provide services and products, we also educate. We provide services that are changing women’s lives, families and communities.

Who is your business role model? Why?

Yalmikia: Me, Because I can’t understand another role model’s pitfalls, hurtles or shortcomings. But I can understand my own shortcomings, pitfalls and my own hurdles.

What do you define as success?

Yalmikia: Success for me is accomplishing all the things I agreed that I want to do. Success is also being an inspiration by helping and encouraging others.

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Yalmikia Edmonds is a devoted mother, dedicated to inspiring her children to explore and embrace their true selves. She seamlessly transitioned into the role of owner and creator of Levonye Professionals, a brand aimed at empowering women to reclaim their identity and restore their hair. With an innate passion for motivating others, Yalmikia effortlessly assumes the mantle of an inspirational speaker. Her love for inspiring and assisting people, particularly women, is evident as she applies her diverse skill set to excel in these multifaceted roles.

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