Culinary Marvel: Chef Miracle Bey’s Journey from Louisiana to Luxe Floating Miracles in Houston

In the vibrant world of culinary arts, Chef Miracle Bey stands out as a true marvel, weaving her culinary magic from the bayous of Louisiana to the bustling cityscape of Houston, Texas. Let’s delve into the extraordinary journey of this talented chef who has not only graced the kitchens of prestigious establishments but has also carved her niche with innovative ventures like Luxurious Floating Miracles.

From Cajun Country to Culinary Heights

Miracle Bey’s culinary journey began at Nicholas State University-Chef John Folse Culinary Institute in Thibodeaux, Louisiana, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in 2017. Hailing from Baton Rouge, she honed her skills with seafood, steak, and the rich flavors of Cajun and Southern cuisine. Her career kicked off at Ruffino’s Italian, Steak, and Seafood Restaurant, followed by stints at 18 Steak in L’Auberge Casino and Hotel and The Little Village, where she delved into the intricacies of Italian cuisine. The move to Houston marked a significant chapter in her career, propelling her to the role of Director of Culinary Services at The Conservatory at Champion Forest.

A Culinary Maestro’s Odyssey

Chef Miracle’s journey continued with Compass Group, where she served as an Executive Sous Chef for Memorial Herman Hospitals. Managing and educating cooks in Patient Services and Retail, handling catering services, and overseeing the Doctor’s Lounge were all part of her administrative repertoire. Currently, she wears the hat of Production Manager II with Sodexo under the Schools division. In this role, she ensures that over 20,000 kids in Houston receive nutritious meals daily through her meticulous food quality control at the four Central Kitchens.

Beyond the Kitchen: Catering Miracles and Culinary Education

Chef Miracle’s accomplishments extend beyond traditional kitchens. In 2017, she founded Catering Miracles L.L.C., offering a five-star dining experience through catering services, In-Home Private Dining Experiences, and cooking lessons via her YouTube channel, “Slay with Chef Bey.”

Luxurious Floating Miracles: A Culinary Extravaganza

Chef Bey’s culinary prowess takes a unique turn with Luxurious Floating Miracles, her curated year-round Bali-inspired Dining on Water Experience. This innovative service, available for booking at private or rented pools in the Houston area, features heated pools and hot tubs for an immersive experience even in the cooler months. The floating brunch trays, originating in Bali, find a new home in Houston, offering a heavenly escape for gatherings, dates, or self-care days. Chef Bey’s dedication to creating a Bali-styled staycation is evident in every detail, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

Houston’s Culinary Gem

Chef Miracle Bey’s culinary journey is a testament to her passion, innovation, and commitment to creating unforgettable dining experiences. From prestigious golf tournaments to the launch of Luxurious Floating Miracles, she continues to elevate Houston’s culinary scene, leaving a trail of satisfied palates and delighted guests in her wake.

For a taste of Chef Miracle Bey’s culinary magic and to explore Luxurious Floating Miracles, visit her website at and follow her on Instagram @luxefloatingmiracles

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