Unlocking the Power of Children’s Grief: A Guide to Healthy Healing

When it comes to children’s grief, understanding and addressing its impact is a crucial step in supporting their healing journey. Kids go through so much these days, and it’s important to recognize that grief is a part of life. Whether they’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, the aftermath of trauma, or the challenges of hardship, children need our guidance and compassion during these tough times.

So, why is this topic so important? Well, children experience grief differently than adults. They might not always show their feelings in the same way, and it’s easy to misconstrue their resilience as a sign that they’re okay. But guess what? They need space to grieve, just like everyone else. They need to be heard and understood.

Children’s Grief Awareness Day is Thursday, November 16th. Marceia Cork’s Good Grieve framework and the G.R.I.E.F. method are two powerful resources that provide support and empowerment to children.

Marceia Cork is the owner of The Good Grieve LLC, where she brands herself as The Change Coach. She holds certifications as a change practitioner and grief recovery specialist, and is the creator of the proprietary Good Grieve framework. Marceia has written two books that showcase this framework: “The Good Grieve: A guide for exploring what life can look like after loss, trauma, and hardship for adults,” and “My Good Grieve: A youth’s guide to navigating loss, trauma, and hardship… the good way!”

Children’s Book Synopsis:

People always say, “Kids are so resilient.” Are you one of those “resilient” kids? If you are now an adult supporting a child through their grief, were you also once one of those seemingly “resilient” kids?

My Good Grieve gives kids the space and guidance to grieve and express themselves after hurt and hard times. It’s especially great for kids who’ve felt silenced to keep up the appearance of being so strong and resilient. Sometimes that can lead to us not dealing with our tough experiences in a healthy way, and not realizing that we or the young people we support might be going through some serious stuff. That unhealthy way of coping follows us into adulthood.

Marceia Cork’s simple G.R.I.E.F. method and exercises give young people a toolkit to navigate life after loss, trauma, or just plain old hard times. A lot of times, we replay painful memories in our heads the same way, and we don’t talk about them. But My Good Grieve gives kids the control and courage to see things differently–to expand how they remember things, to create new, positive images in young minds, and to structure healthy statements to communicate feelings and the support they desire.

Marceia knows that not everyone wants traditional therapy and clinical solutions, and that sometimes we need a path that can be non-clinical and self-paced. This is My Good Grieve: a book about giving young people–and the adults who support them–the tools and outlets they need to take action and control along their mental health journey.

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