Joseph Sikora Discusses The Power & Recognition of Being Tommy Egan

Joseph Sikora has become a household name since he first stepped into the iconic role of Tommy Egan in the Starz Power Universe back in 2014. With his captivating performance and undeniable talent, he has captured the hearts of fans all around the world. Recently, Joseph completed season two of the highly viewed and respected spin-off series, Power Book IV: Force, which is set in the city of Chicago.

I had the privilege of obtaining an exclusive interview with Joseph himself. In our conversation, Joseph delved into season two and discussed the thrilling finale episode that left viewers on the edge of their seats. He shared insights into his character’s journey and how Tommy continues to evolve in this new chapter.

Beyond discussing his role on screen, Joseph also opened up about the power and recognition that comes with portraying such a beloved character like Tommy Egan. He expressed his gratitude towards the fans who have supported him throughout this incredible journey.

Not only did we explore Joseph’s experience working on Power Book IV: Force, but we also touched upon his collaboration with industry legends such as 50 Cent and Gary Lennon. It was fascinating to hear about their creative process and how they brought this gripping story to life.

The interview provided a unique glimpse into Joseph Sikora’s world as he navigates through fame and continues to captivate audiences with his exceptional acting skills. Fans can expect an engaging discussion that sheds light on both behind-the-scenes insights and heartfelt appreciation for those who have made this journey possible.

As we eagerly await for what lies ahead for Tommy Egan in future seasons, this exclusive interview offers a deeper understanding of Joseph Sikora’s dedication to his craft and his unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding performances that keep us hooked to our screens.

About “Power Book IV: Force” — Season Two:

After cutting ties in New York, Tommy Egan’s newfound family and ruthless drug game enticed him to stay in Chicago. The explosive second season begins with Tommy on a mission to avenge the death of Lilliana, his former nemesis turned business partner. With the Flynn organization weakened, he’s more determined than ever to take over the Chicago drug world, but with CBI split down the middle, Tommy and Diamond first must maintain their edge over Jenard. As their factions feud in the streets, Tommy capitalizes on another rivalry between the Serbs and Miguel Garcia, the most formidable drug lord in Chicago. After setting off a chain reaction of violence in pursuit of his ambition, Tommy must race to stay ahead of the men who are coming for what’s theirs, a federal task force that’s closing ranks, and a sadistic supplier with a direct line to the Cartel. All the while torn by the promise of a second chance with his blood family, Tommy must decide what he is willing to sacrifice to finally ascend the throne of a kingpin.

Power Book IV: Force season two Joseph Sikora (“Power,” “Ozark”) as “Tommy Egan,” Isaac Keys (“Get Shorty,” “The Oath”) as “Diamond Sampson,” Kris D. Lofton (“Ballers,” “Snowfall”) as “Jenard Sampson,” Manuel Eduardo Ramirez (“Snowfall,” “Queen of the South”) as “Miguel Garcia,” Adrienne Walker (“Law & Order: Organized Crime,” “FBI”) as “Shanti ‘Showstopper’ Page,” and Tommy Flanagan (“Sons of Anarchy,” Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2) as “Walter Flynn.” Additional cast members include: Lili Simmons (“Banshee,” “Ray Donovan”) as “Claudia Flynn,” Shane Harper (“Hightown,” “A Teacher”) as “Vic Flynn,” Carmela Zumbado (“You,” “Chicago PD”) as “Mireya Garcia,” Miriam A. Hyman (“The Chi,” “The Laundromat”) as “US Attorney Stacy Marks,” Anthony Fleming III (“Prison Break,” “The Beast”) as “JP,” and Lucien Cambric (“Chicago P.D.,” “The Chi”) as “D-Mac.”

“Power Book IV: Force” is the third series in the expanded “Power” Universe franchise. Gary Lennon (“Power,” “Euphoria”) serves as showrunner and executive producer for season two. The “Power” Universe series is executive produced by the creator and showrunner of the original “Power,” Courtney A. Kemp through her production company End of Episode, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson through G-Unit Film and Television, and Mark Canton through Atmosphere Entertainment MM. Terri Kopp and Chris Selak also serve as executive producers. Lionsgate Television produces the series for STARZ.

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