Experience Growth and Transformation With Life Coach, Bestselling Author, and Multifaceted Trailblazer, Prophet Markita D. Collins

Are you tired of living a life that feels inauthentic and unfulfilling? Do you long for a safe space where you can grow, transform, and become the best version of yourself? Look no further than the Heal While You Build mentorship program.

Led by Prophet Markita D. Collins, a bestselling author, licensed minister, and certified life coach, this program is designed to empower individuals to embrace their true potential. Markita understands the struggles and challenges that come with living in a world that often pressures us to conform and hide our authentic selves. She believes that true healing and growth can only happen when we have the courage to be unapologetically ourselves.

In this transformative journey, Markita will guide you through various exercises, discussions, and self-reflection activities to help you uncover your passions, identify limiting beliefs, and create a roadmap towards living an authentic life. With her expertise and compassionate guidance, she will provide the support system you need to break free from societal expectations and live on your own terms.

Joining the Heal While You Build mentorship program means joining a community of like-minded individuals who are also on their own journeys towards authenticity. Together, you will find strength in vulnerability, encouragement in shared experiences, and inspiration from one another’s growth. The time is now to heal while you build.

It is our distinct pleasure to empower our readers with the inspirational and visionary, Prophet Markita D. Collins. Please enjoy our interview!

Please tell us about your background in the church and ministry that led you to become Prophet Markita D. Collins.

Markita: My background in the church is from the beginning of birth. I was literally born in the church choir. My father and my mother raised me and my siblings in the church. All we knew was Greater New Testament Missionary Baptist Church at 1121 South Salina Street in Syracuse, New York. Where my father’s adopted father, the Reverend Sherman J Cummings was the senior pastor. We would be at church on Sunday for Sunday school and Sunday morning worship. It was always an after party when everyone left the church which meant we had to clean up and make sure that everything was tidy for the following week. Wednesday for Bible study and on Saturdays we had youth rehearsal. You name it! If there was a rehearsal it was on a Saturday and we were there all day long. I grew up with a whole church family with my cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents, deacons, missionaries, Mothers of the church, and ushers. We were all considered family.

I did not know that I was a prophet until I was in my mid-thirties. I ran from that because I knew the cost and weight of having that gift and calling on my life. I wasn’t afraid to sing and minister to people, and then I began to hear and see things and thought oh no am I a psychic? Lol and through much prayer and other amazing men and women of God it was affirmed and established that I was born into the office of a prophet.

In addition to being a best-selling author, Advisor, Keynote Speaker, Certified Life Coach, and Relationship Strategist, you’re also a gifted singer. What does music mean to you and what place does singing stand in your life at this time?

Markita: Music and singing mean so much to me. I grew up with a musician. My father is a bass guitar player. He also had a standup bass. We had a piano in our basement in the home that I grew up in. My mother was an alto in the choir, and my aunts, uncles, and my godparents were all in the choir too. My grandfather was a singer, my grandmother was the keyboardist, and my uncle was the organist. The list goes on, and on. Music is all we know from Jazz, R&B, Funk, Opera, and Gospel for sure. My sisters and I would wake up every Saturday to our parents playing Jazz and old R&B songs. We knew it was a time to clean up morning. We would watch the Bobby Jones Gospel Show and listen to the vocal radio station before we were getting ready for church. Music is what our family thrives off of. When I’m preaching or speaking at events I use singing as apart of my sessions to welcome the presence of God (Jesus) and it lifts people spirits right up. I feel like singing is apart of my tool belt.

What latest news can you share with us about Heal While You Build?

Markita: Heal While You Build is steadily growing. It is an amazing mentorship program that people are constantly receiving from. I enjoy teaching. I enjoy breaking down the word of God, I enjoy encouraging and pouring into all of my mentees and students that are a part of this virtual digital mentorship. I meet with my class at least twice a month and just share with them what I believe God has placed in my heart to prepare them for the world. Such as their health and finances, their confidence and building up themselves and their relationships. I touch on so many different subjects. I’m very proud of this community that God has given me.

What do you aspire for each client to experience after a life coaching session with you?

Markita: I want each and every client to experience the same thing. That they are worth it, that they can do anything they put their mind to and through Christ Jesus. Also, they have the power to change their world with action, faith, discipline and commitment. They are not their tragedy, they are not their problem, and they can overcome anything by confronting it, addressing it, healing, and doing the work.

Without giving anyone’s personal information away, can you please share a moment when you knew you had divinely empowered a client or changed someone’s life through coaching and advisory?

Markita: I remember helping a young lady who is still currently one of my clients. I remember her wanting to change the world, but not knowing who she was. She was able to identify herself. She was good at telling me everything she did but she was never great at telling me who she was. I remember through prayer, and really having her dig deeper within herself, and just answering some simple questions that she was able to breakthrough and identify who she was, not the titles that she carried. I believe that that changed her life. Our first call started in 2019 and she is still a client of mine to this day.

What would Prophet Markita like to say to teenage Markita?

Markita: Prophet Markita would tell teenage Markita to wait to be good to yourself. Be patient, you don’t have to rush. You are beautiful, smart, and more than what your guidance counselors are telling you. You are more than what some of your peers have seen you to be. You are more than just your body. You are more than your jokes, and you are more than your singing.

There is so much more that is truly worth the wait. Again, be good to yourself and don’t look down on yourself. You have so much to look forward to. Your life will never be the same when you give your life all the way to Jesus. You’re always a church girl, but you weren’t always a delivered sold out girl. You made mistakes and you’ve also made some great choices in life. Be kind to yourself and stop being so hard on you. Do you know who you are about to be? You’re going to be somebody amazing and extraordinary! You’re going to help hundreds and thousands of people. You brown skin black girl, God is going to use you in a mighty way.

As a successful entrepreneur, wife and mother, what advice would you have for women who aspire to grow their brand and obtain a family?

Markita: Prioritize what’s important. What’s important is you and your family first. Not chasing in the bag, not trying to scale up, not being popular, not being a celebrity, and not being the top of the top. I would tell every woman entrepreneur to focus on completing their task. Don’t allow competition, jealousy, and comparison to motivate them. Let your goals and your sincere desire to impact peoples lives do the thing that you go after and prioritize that in your everyday life.

I would tell women entrepreneurs that prayer has to be the biggest thing that you rely on. Be honest with yourself, and be honest with God. If you have a spouse, communicate. Don’t let anyone come in between your intermediate family. That means if you’re married, your husband and your children, everyone else takes a backseat. Your business has to be run by someone who knows how to handle at home family business as well. When you prioritize home first, then everything else is secondary. There’s such a peace that flows from that space and it really is the peace of God because it is the order in the structure of God.

What can we be on the lookout for by you for the rest of the year?

Markita: I have Heal While You Build still growing and still advancing. I’m so excited about my mentorship group. I have a few events and some conferences that I will be attending. I also have my podcast Girl Talk With Markita as well.

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