Discover, Connect, Elevate: TTG Fest 2023, the Must-Attend Trucking Event of the Year By Mega-influencer Kierra Henderson

Dallas, Texas is about to witness the trucking event of the year on October 20–21, 2023. TTG Fest 2023 is a groundbreaking event that celebrates all things trucking, and it is a must-attend for everyone in the industry. Whether you’re a trucking industry veteran or just starting out, TTG Fest is your gateway to success. Discover, connect, and elevate your journey to the top with over two exciting days of knowledge, networking, and pure trucking passion.

To guide you towards excellence, TTG Fest will feature renowned speakers such as Brittany Stuart, Sassy The Truck Boss, Shaneka Lene, and Jason White. The lineup of industry experts is here to share their insights on launching your dispatching business, effective communication and customer service, negotiation strategies, load planning and routing, dump trucks, proper business structure for government contracting, cross-border transport, fleet management and ownership, and dispatch and logistics management.

TTG Fest 2023 is a two-day event that offers attendees the opportunity to learn directly from The Trucking Guru. You will gain the technical and business skills needed to take your career in the trucking industry to the next level. In addition, you’ll also receive turnkey marketing and financial strategies to help you start. The event promises to be a one-stop shop for all things trucking, and attendees can expect to leave with a wealth of knowledge and resources to drive their success.

The founder of TTG Fest, Kierra Henderson, is a respected authority in the trucking industry, with over 15 years of experience. She started in the logistics industry as an entry-level dispatcher and worked her way up to a Fleet Manager position when that position abruptly ended. Kierra began to work independently as a home-based dispatcher for owner-operators with whom she had developed relationships. She evolved to a fleet owner and now teaches thousands of students around the world to become self-sufficient and leverage a recession-proof industry that fuels the economy in more ways than one.

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