Celebrating National Herbs and Spices Day With Founder of Spiced Up by Daminique a Low Sodium Gluten Free Seasoning Brand, Daminique Washington

Hello We Empower Magazine readers, National Herbs and Spices Day falls on June 10th every year and celebrates the world of diversity when it comes to seasonings. After all, what would food even be if it weren’t for the herbs and spices that make every dish unique? What’s great about diversity amongst food is that there is also diversity among the brands. We’re thrilled to introduce you to a Black-owned Seasoning Company that is taking a healthier approach.

Daminique Washington is an Entrepreneur, Founder of Spiced Up by Daminique a Low Sodium Gluten Free Seasoning Brand. Whose desire is to create a household name, that promotes service and a healthy lifestyle. Daminique has volunteered and raised funds for Nonprofit Organizations like Houston Food Bank, Ronald McDonald House, Urban Harvest and No Kid Hungry. Currently, she is working toward expanding her business and working toward becoming a Philanthropist and starting her own Nonprofit Foundation.

We’ve obtained an exclusive interview with Daminique to learn about the inspiration behind the brand, what makes her business unique, and more. 

What was the inspiration behind your brand?

Daminique: The inspiration behind my brand was my love for Healthcare & Cooking with the focus of lowering Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) predominantly in African American Households. Advising that you can still enjoy a well-flavored meal while lowering the salt intake.

What do you feel makes your business unique?

Daminique: My business is unique by the quality flavored spices we have, using real fruit extracts. Our sodium percentage being under five percent and gluten free. Having a business that really focuses on benefiting the community first.

Who is your business role model? Why?

My business role model is Pinky Cole! She has the vision for service, knowledge, and growth as an entrepreneur that I have for my small business . She’s big on giving back, increasing awareness, providing avenues for youth and those looking for a fresh start. That’s what I aspire to continuously work towards as I grow my business.

What is your best-selling product?

My “All Purpose” seasoning is my best-selling product due to its Low Sodium intake amazing flavor and versatility to be used on multiple meal ideas. It’s great on meats, snacks, veggies, desserts, and cocktails.


More on Spiced Up by Daminique

Spiced Up by Daminique launched in 2019 is a Low Sodium Seasoning Brand with the creation of the first Spiced Up by Daminique product, All Purpose Seasoning a unique proprietary blend of herbs and spices to support a Low Sodium intake. Spiced Up by Daminique began producing products customers demanded with the introduction of the Citrus Seafood Seasoning, acclaimed for its citrus accents oranges, lemons, and limes aid in immune system boost.

Spiced Up by Daminique is armed with an array of products including best sellers: Brown Sugar Baby BBQ Rub, Cajun, and our Sweet Dust Mix. The products are known for it’s great taste in flavor and Low Sodium Nutrition. Daminique believes that you can make amazing dishes while lowering salt intake. Her vision is to create a household name, that promotes a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying flavored dishes with seasonings that intrigues the palate. The  brand seeks to join Nonprofit Organizations that focus on philanthropy projects for feeding families and giving back to the community. Spiced Up by Daminique will continue to create a line of Low Sodium products for all palate types.

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