Women Who Empower: Meet “The WIN Strategists”, Crystal Khalil and Dr. Nicole LaBeach

Hey, We Empower Magazine readers, we have some empowering, inspirational women to introduce you to. Dr. Nicole LaBeach is famously known for her role as the former host of OWN’s Put a Ring on It, but it’s the work behind the scenes that makes her and her business partner Crystal, the true stars. Motivating girls and women across the world in a unique way is the primary focus for our clients, “The WIN Strategists” Crystal Khalil & Dr. Nicole LaBeach. Crystal & Dr. Nicole have dedicated their business to mentoring thousands of girls and women and have been recognized for it.

Hi Crystal & Dr. Nicole, please tell us how did you come to meet each other.

Dr. Nicole: We met each other in 2019. Wow, Crystal was the head of procurement for Porsche Cars North America and I was the successful CEO of the Volition Enterprises, Inc. We were introduced by a mutual friend who was a colleague of Crystal’s and a Morehouse brother of mine.

Crystal: Nicole was bidding on business at the time for organizational development work at Porsche. Our initial introduction was very professional, but sparked an interest in both of us to get to know one another on a more personal level — unfortunately, we were unable to do so right away because of the business conflict. Once that was resolved, we met for lunch and were instantly connected on a more Authentic level.

Since then, we have been sisters in the spirit.

We are inspired by the work that you do to motivate girls and women across the world in a unique way. How do you stay motivated to continue to be the “The WIN Strategists”?

Dr Nicole: We believe there’s a lot of darkness in the world right now, the work we do inspires women to turn up their light. When we help a woman win We change their entire trajectory! The women we serve are high achievers, the ones that take care of everyone at home, at work, and in their communities. They are high achievers, problem solvers, and caretakers. The downside is they are exhausted and overwhelmed. They are pouring from empty cups which is not sustainable. Pouring from an empty vessel causes stress, depression, and emotional and physical distress. We pour into their cups so they can be liberated from self-sabotaging behaviors keeping them stuck and wanting more. Our young women in ISP are the younger version of these women. ISP is our way of reaching them before they get older and burned out.

What can you tell us about Leaders of Volition Enterprises, Inc.?

Crystal: Leaders of Volition Enterprises, Inc., a preferred executive strategy company providing executive coaching, cultural transformation, and training at multiple levels. Now, we’re extending our 50+ combined years of expertise to help women make YUMMY (Your Ultimate Most Meaningful Yet) moves that Unbind and Unleash their Unlimited Potential in business and relationships.

What empowering projects, events, or endeavors are you currently involved with or working on?

Both: We empower our audiences with business and relational resources designed to achieve greater success in their leadership, entrepreneurial endeavors, and personal lives. With their vast range of experience, we proudly offer personal/professional/entrepreneurial development opportunities including, but not limited to: Corporate Speaking Engagements, Woman Unlimited Live Masterclasses, The Just Be Retreat, The World’s Largest International Slumber Party (ISP), Heart of The Matter Series, and The Sister Diamonds Collective.

Learn more by visiting: https://www.crystalanddrnicole.com/

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