Harvest Christian University, a Black-Owned Institution, Honors its Class of 2023

The recent ceremony was a momentous occasion for the graduates, who were celebrated for their hard work and dedication to academic excellence. Esteemed guests, including alumni, delivered speeches of advice and encouragement to the graduates. This graduation ceremony was the largest in the university’s history, with all students receiving their Ph.D.

The graduates were reminded of their responsibility to use their education to impact their respective communities before the ceremony concluded positively. Dr. Carl Robinson, the President and Founder of Harvest Christian University emphasized the institution’s values and the importance of using knowledge to serve others.

Dr. Jonathan Robinson, the Provost, congratulated the graduates on their achievements and encouraged their continued pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. The ceremony concluded with pride and accomplishment for the graduates, their families, and the Harvest Christian University community.

The graduation ceremony was a wonderful event that recognized the impressive talents of the graduating class of 2023. The following individuals were honored during the ceremony: Dr. Sanmi Akinmulero, Dr. Aurelie Allegra, Dr. Jaron Barnes, Dr. Michael Bates, Sr., Dr. Marquay Baul, Dr. Kevin Bond, Dr. Ian Burke, Dr. Darius Brooks, Dr. Airian Cook, Dr. Ira Davis, Dr. Derrick Hayes, Dr. Lynne Haze, Dr. Brian Hicks, Dr. Quintaus Jackson, Dr. Timothy Johnson, Dr. Stacee Lang, Dr. Jennifer Lawrence, Dr. Opal Lee, Dr. Xavier “Two” Lewis, Dr. Kendall Marshall, Dr. April Mason, Dr. Ron Mays, Dr. Francena McCorory, Dr. Jesse Miller, Dr. Michael Phillips, Dr. Ezra Naughton III, Harold Rapp III, Dr. Sherridoll Richardson, Dr. Antwan Thompson, Dr. Pilar Scratch, Dr. Dante Simpson, Dr. Tivon Skinner, Dr. Beatrice Salandy, Dr. George Tabi, Jr., Dr. Francis “Buda da Future” Ubiera, Dr. Korstiaan Vandiver, Dr. Sebastian Wheat, Dr. Brian Keith Williams, and Dr. Dianna Williams.

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