Mental Health Conversation With Ingeniously Made Whole Founder, Britteny Petty

Ingeniously Made Whole, founded by mental health therapist Britteny Petty was founded based on the scripture Psalm 139:14 “For I am fearfully and wonderfully made whole.” As a mental health counselor, Britteny wants everyone who leaves a counseling session or interaction with IMW to know they are fearfully and wonderfully made whole. IMW serves the community by offering counseling sessions, podcasting to encourage women and teens to achieve their goals and heal from physical and mental abuse. IMW also provides coaching to teens from the ages of 12–18 to inspire, uplift, and provide a solid foundation in order to help youth create the life they desire in the midst of a world filled with so much going on.

In addition to being a mental health therapist and school counselor
with years of experience in helping teens thrive for greater, Britteny is also a woman who does not allow challenges faced to prevent her from reaching her goals, dreams, and aspirations. Britteny is a woman who works extremely hard and doesn’t take no for an answer. If there is a will then there is a way to make things happen. This is why Britteny is so passionate about helping teens to heal from physical and mental abuse so they can achieve their goals with the tools needed to be successful before they step foot into the real world.

We’ve obtained an exclusive interview with Britteny Petty.

In what way do you aspire to empower others now or in the future through your platform, resources, and services?

Britteny: I currently have my very own podcast Ingeniously Made Whole and I am #3 on the CTR Media outlet and as a result, I inspire and lead others. It all started as I ran from my calling through life’s greatest challenges of helping me to see how I can use my story to inspire others to push through. Ultimate empowerment is through my program of Healing Flawlessly which is a program to lead, inspire, and uplift teens. Also, my camp Broken Piece Restored is a way for youth to come together and uplift one another while gaining education on key prevalent topics faced day to day in society and school as a whole. Every young lady who leaves my program or camp feels empowered and knows they can overcome the world as they receive their crown and walk the red carpet with their head held high.

As a mental health therapist and school counselor, how do you navigate your mental health and work-life balance?

Britteny: Honestly, it gets hard, especially as a wife and mom of 4. Many times, I do feel the lines get blurred between all that I do especially when I am the one who is constantly giving and giving. I have learned to listen to my body and understand the importance of scheduling a day for myself to relax, and just do what it is that I would like to enjoy doing. I live on do not disturb because when I need sleep I need sleep. I also schedule uninterrupted family time and cutoff times for work because if not I will be like the energizer bunny, but the only difference is I am not a bunny lol. Ultimately, I love what I do because it keeps me in check to know that life is hard and someone out here is dealing with something beyond what one can dare imagine. I am blessed to be able to walk in the steps of being a mental health therapist.

What are some challenges you’ve encountered in the mental health field? How did you overcome those moments?

Britteny: Well I can say navigating the school counselor world is challenging because you do not actually get to do counseling. Navigating mental health can be a challenge because although one is placed under an umbrella based on the symptoms they are feeling that does not equate to how to specifically help an individual. In order to overcome these challenges, I have learned to tailor a specific situation to the needs of individuals based on specifics. I love building rapport with my clients and being relevant to knowing what is going on in the world of today. No one wants to talk to someone they feel they cannot connect with or who doesn’t truly get them and the WHY behind the decisions made whether good or bad.

What are some conversations we are not addressing when it comes to mental health from your perspective?

Britteny: There is so much the list goes on and on, but I would definitely say generational curses, lack of structured households, parents needing a solid foundation and help system in order to raise their child or children, living in a broken society where everyone wants to be isolated in their bubble or turn an eye to what is going wrong, educators crying for help, but nothing is actually being done to help teachers teach, stronger bullying policies in school systems, a need for two-parent homes and the level of hate between split family houses which for example shows kids how not to get along with the person they are completing a project with. The removal of prayer out of school and how things have not been the same ever since, ultimately, we need to stop normalizing what just ain’t normal. There are so many mass shootings and signs are there for many, but we live in a society where people are scared to speak up, those who do speak up no action is taken, or many just sweep it under the rug. How many more children and adults have to die before we wake up in America?

What is a super fun fact about yourself that many people are not aware of?

Britteny: Well first off many are shocked that I was in the military. I was a 92Alpha supply tech and I served in the Army as a Specialist while I was in college. I also got a chance to record background music for an up-and-coming artist in Houston, Tx which was so much fun. Many are also shocked when they find out I love singing gospel music and praise dancing and if you want to see me unwind put me in a circle with great uplifted individuals. I love to laugh and have a great time.

What are you most excited about for this year?

Britteny: I am most excited about facing my fears to stand on stages internationally and embrace the world with positivity, upliftment, and self-empowerment so they can know that anyone can achieve their goals regardless of their past, but they must first believe in themselves.

Women empowerment to Britteny Petty means fixing another woman’s crown and reaching out your hand to help that teen find purpose and embrace all that is in front of them so they too can pay it forward as a woman with no limits.

She is a Visionary because she doesn’t ever stop dreaming regardless of how tough and rocky the road ahead of her may get. She’s not a quitter and this makes her a visionary because Britteny has been alive long enough to know that everyone is not given the vision so as a result she is honored for God to entrust her with vision.

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