Introducing “Doctor Financial” Portia Jones, Atlanta Local Who Loves To Teach Financial Literacy To All Ages

When you research what a Jill of All Trades is the results will be Portia Jones also known as Doctor Financial. As a money expert, and owner of Just The 2 Of Us Financial she has tapped into the industries of financial literacy, taxes, brokerage, real estate, and credit to name a few services that she offers her clients. From humble beginnings, born and raised in Chester, Pennslyvania, Portia’s expertise, personal experiences, and knowledge have made her the go-to mentor in Atlanta and beyond for those who are seeking business funding, credit repair, tax guidance, and overall finance knowledge that leads to generational wealth.

Portia aspires to change lives and make an impact in the lives of those she works with and change the trajectory of their financial structure for the better. In addition to running numerous businesses including a daycare, Portia is currently working on writing children’s books to teach our youth the importance of learning about money as they grow up and for the future.

Where are you from and where do you reside now?

Portia: I was born in Chester, Pennsylvania, and was raised there until I was about 11 years old. Then my mom moved to Atlanta and I have been living here for 26 years. I did move back to Pennsylvania for a little while before my mom passed away and then moved back to Georgia.

What are some of the financial resources you provide as a business owner?

Portia: I provide services in business and personal credit, funding, taxes, and anything surrounding money and financial literacy which is why they call me Doctor Financial.

What challenges have you faced throughout your career?

Portia: Challenges I’ve faced are cultural and environmental lack of knowledge and that’s where I come in to teach my clients how to get their personal and business funds in order. Also, I’ve dealt with people needing to see my track record to prove to them that I am not a scammer. I believe in all kinds of Karma and will never do anything to anyone that I wouldn’t want to be done to me or my children.

I have a supportive team and client list and the services I provide are trustworthy and bring results.

What is a fun fact about yourself that many people may not be aware of?

Portia: I like watching forensic files and I love crispy treats with milk. I also speak Spanish and some French.

What are some of the best qualities that have made you a successful business owner?

Portia: I am a social butterfly and able to network efficiently. As an Aquarius, I socialize and adapt very well to any environment.

What are you most excited about for this year?

Portia: I’m excited about becoming a broker, and closing on my fifth house. I’m overly excited but I’m also overly humble because I try my best to allow my angels to guide me at all times and I want my chakras to be aligned at all times.

What do you want your legacy to look like?

Portia: I want to change lives and make an impact on people and their financial structure.

If you’re seeking financial literacy services and knowledge we highly recommend that you contact Doctor Financial by connecting on Instagram @drfinancial_

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