International Black Women’s History Month Innovator Spotlight: So Amazing! Black Culture Founder, Denise Myhand

Following March’s Women’s History Month is April’s International Black Women’s History Month. At We Empower Magazine, we continue to spotlight Black Women who are visionaries, innovators, business and thought leaders, and creators. We are honored to introduce you to a brand amplifying, black culture, and achievements in a fun and creative way.

The “So Amazing! Black Culture Word Search Book” series amplifies the coolness, creativity, and sense of humor that makes Black culture so special. The founder Denise Myhand is a proud two time graduate of Alabama A&M University, having earned her Bachelor’s degree and MBA at the HBCU.

So Amazing! Black Culture has 6 different word search books but the Trailblazing Women edition is here to give Black women their flowers.

In this edition, they highlight many of the women who made their mark and are making their mark in the world. You will find well-known and little-known facts and accomplishments of many of the traditional historical figures you know and love. You will also recognize women who are currently making an impact in society.

We obtained an exclusive interview with Denise to discover the inspiration behind the brand, what makes it unique, and more.

What was the inspiration behind your brand?

Denise: We saw a need to create relevant and relatable black centric content in the word game space.

How do you come up with new ideas for the company?

Denise: We are constantly inspired by Black Culture. We capture the essence of what we discuss and hear throughout our community whether it be online in social media groups, in hair salons and barber shops or just out with friends. The discussions are usually vast and diverse. They include topics like tv, movies, music, politics, religion, sports, money, education and relationships, the whole gamut.

These conversations provide an infinite source of inspiration for our word search books..

What do you feel makes your business unique?

Denise: We unapologetically celebrate the coolness, creativity, talents and accomplishments of Black Culture through our word search books. We have created something you can take and enjoy with you almost anywhere you go. On your lunch break at work, while traveling, during a self care session or winding down after a long hard day.

Who is your business role model? Why?

Denise: One of our business role models is Pinky Cole — it has been exciting and inspiring to watch her build and grow her brand over the last few years. She has really created a demand for her brand. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

What makes your books a great gift idea?

Denise: They are a fun and great way to celebrate Black Culture. They are entertaining and educational and can be enjoyed by most age groups. The word search puzzles can be done alone, as a couple or with a small group on game night. We have a variety of editions that focus on different aspects of Black Culture. So you can select the perfect book for your gift giving needs. Our books cover traditional and contemporary topics.

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