Women Who Empower: Interview With Leadership Coach. Dr. LaTonya Jackson

Happy Women’s History Month! We Empower Magazine readers, we are thrilled to bring to you to Dr. LaTonya Jackson as we continue to celebrate visionary and inspirational women who dedicated their lives to empower others.

As a Maxwell Leadership Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker, Dr. LaTonya Jackson can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Working together, LaTonya will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals.

Dr. Jackson has extensive experience in talent and workforce development, thought leadership, change management, instructional strategy, and facilitation.

She has published books and articles on personal leadership and inclusion. Her self-published books include The Layoff Lab and No Dead Beat Jobs. She is currently collaborating on a book entitled C.O.A.C.H., a directory of coaches (to be released in 2023). She has co-authored books, including 5 Blinders to Seeing Color (with Dr. Angela Courage-Mellott) and I Am Called (with Sydni Jackson).

She has served as a Leadership Coach for NextUp (formerly known as Network of Executive Women) since 2018. In 2022, she was recognized as one of the leaders in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the LA Times Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility: Print Edition (UMV: 26,824,611) and Business Visionaries (pg. 44)!

LaTonya holds a Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Workforce Development and a Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Higher Education Leadership from the University of Arkansas and a BS degree in Business Admin from the University of Nebraska.

Her certifications include the Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Better Conversations Everyday, CCL Benchmarks, Certified Consultant for The Maxwell DISC Method, MBTI Certified Practitioner, Empowered Living Another Seat at the Table, LEAD NOW! and of course, is a Maxwell Leadership Team Certified Coach, Speaker and Trainer. She joined the Maxwell Leadership Team in 2016 as she began her pursuit of full-time entrepreneurship, looking for a credible and trusted source that she found in the John Maxwell name. Today, she facilitates and coaches leaders on communication, self-leadership, and inclusion. LaTonya is ready to equip and empower you and your team!

We Empower Magazine readers please enjoy our interview!

As a visionary entrepreneur, leadership coach, and business leader please tell us about the services you provide and the work that you do.

Dr. LaTonya Jackson: Eyedentified is on a mission to develop corporate and community leaders who desire to impact the world. As a leadership development and diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm we offer services that facilitate that growth and development through coaching, speaking, training using curated or custom-designed content, and strategic planning.

Congratulations on being inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who’s Who Biographical Registry. What has this moment meant for you?

Dr. LaTonya Jackson: Thank you for the congratulatory sentiments. It is humbling, rewarding and yet serves to remind me that the work I am privileged to do is important and recognized. It’s a reminder to keep going and delivering with excellence on the job, in my community and business.

We would love to learn about some of your published books. What can you share with us?

Dr. LaTonya Jackson: I have had the honor to author and/or co-author several books. My most recent book was a collaboration book entitled The C.O.A.C.H. book. In it I describe what it means to be a Limitless Leader who has untapped potential within that can be unlocked to empower leaders to impact the world.

What inspired you to join the Book Profits Club? How has it been for you so far?

Dr. LaTonya Jackson: I have worked with the founder, Taurea Vision Avant, of Book Profits Club for several years. She coached me in what were some difficult times on how to make money with my books. Admittedly I didn’t always do what she said; however, I watched, learned and pivoted to align with the direction. As I am positioned differently today than when I began, I am ready to leverage my books to increase my influence and impact in the world today. Book Profits Club will provide the training, resources and network to help me achieve my desired outcomes.

What are you currently working on?

Dr. LaTonya Jackson: I am currently working on expanding my coaching and speaking services. I dealt with a lot of imposter syndrome when I first began which effected how I showed up. Thankfully I followed the recommendation I offer in The C.O.A.C.H. book and am now ready to better serve career mompreneurs in a greater capacity.

What else would you like for our readers to know about you?

Dr. LaTonya Jackson: I am a working mompreneur. I work full-time, am married to an awesome handsome man and together we have 3 amazingly gifted and brilliant children. I know the challenges and stress that come with navigating life and leadership in business, at home and work. Having a coach and a therapist helped me to prioritize, plan and pursue my dreams by taking massive action and tapping into my limitless brilliance. I am equipped with not only the education and credentials but the lived experience to help others do what was done for me.

What are some of your future goals and what steps are you taking to get there?

Dr. LaTonya Jackson: My future goals are to launch my Find Your Flex community, a group coaching program that helps women identify where her brilliance is, to transition from corporate to coaching full-time and write another book based on my learning having become an officer in an organization.

The journey I am taking to get there starts with speaking and training on leadership and diversity, equity and inclusion topics, coaching corporate groups and leveraging resources like this amazing magazine to increase exposure and share more of who I am and how I can deliver great service with a smile virtually.


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