Women Supporting Women: Lillian Jackson and Melissa Mason, Co-Founders of Brown Skin Brunchin

Women supporting women is important more than ever, especially during women’s history month. Lillian Jackson and Melissa Mason, Co-Founders of Brown Skin Brunchin have dedicated themselves to supporting women each day of the year while making a huge impact and being a prime example that women are indeed better together.

Brown Skin Brunchin’, is a nationally recognized community of over 40K black women and the global market leader in brunch social events for black and brown women. Coming to us from Richmond, Virginia, Lillian and Melissa started out seeking connections after life took them to separate ends of the country, and found themselves running a rapidly expanding global brand.

Operating in over 87 cities worldwide and counting, BSB hosts brunch monthly events in cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, London, New York, Houston, Las Vegas and is expanding at an exponential pace.

We Empower Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with the besties.

What would you say has become the reason for your success with the Brown Skin Brunchin’ brand?

Melissa: The biggest reason for our success with the Brown Skin Brunchin brand would have to be the women who attend and host our events. The women at our brunches are kind, loving, professional, and collaborative, so that says a lot about our brand. We make it a point to work with our ambassadors to create spaces that benefit and uplift women, not tear each other down. Black women have been craving the joy, fun, and healing they get from “letting their hair down” at our brunches and building bonds.

With this rapid growth the brand is experiencing globally, who have been some of your biggest supporters Brand Partners, Investors, and Media Partners whom you have had the pleasure of collaborating with?

Lillian: Brown Skin Brunchin will make efforts to continue to expand globally throughout communities and has grown throughout the year. Our biggest supporters aside from our loyal, growing audience of over 40K black women are the media partners. We’ve been nationally recognized in media outlets such as YahooEssence MagazineTravelNoireABC NewsNBC NewsTheGrioSheen MagazineVoyageLA, and more. We’re excited to curate more collaborations with brand partners.

“As I rose in my career, there were less people that looked like me and people that could relate to me. I realized as an adult, I didn’t know how to make friends, but I wanted them. So many other women reached out to me that needed the exact same thing — that sisterhood, to network, and they wanted to do it in a fun way.”-Co-Founder, Lillian Jackson

The Brown Skin Brunchin’ App has received over 21K downloads since its 2020 launch. What would you describe as some of the most unique characteristics and functions of the app?

Lillian: The Brown Skin Brunchin app has many features that are user-friendly for all to use. However, the most unique feature found on our app would have to be the leisure of having a non commitment membership as members are required to RSVP for each event they would want to attend. We look forward to working with investors and developers to roll out future updates that enhance the location-based and community-building features of the app, and the value for brand partners to engage with our community.

As a nationally recognized brand and global market leader in social brunch gatherings curated by and for women of color, we would love to learn about upcoming events centered around fun, sisterhood, and high-quality dining experiences. What can you share at this time?

Melissa: Upcoming events can be found by downloading our app to stay updated with the latest events in a city near you. We are also located on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook (@BrownSkinBrunchin) which you can follow for our latest updates and events! We host events in tons of cities around the world every month! If you don’t see one in your area, you can apply to become an ambassador!

What are you looking forward to?

Melissa: We’re thrilled to be planning special private sponsored events, enhancing the VIP tiered benefits of our community, and we anticipate hosting luxurious retreats in the near future. Overall, we’re just excited to continue expanding with the help of future brand partnerships, VC and Investor funding, and media impact. It’s truly a blessing to witness the rapid expansion of this community because it helps us to expand our purpose of impacting women and sisterhood in the black community.

Get rooted and connected by visiting the website here: https://www.brownskinbrunchin.com/

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