The Second Episode of Michelle Obama’s Audible Original, Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast, Debuts TODAY, March 14 on Audible

The second episode of Michelle Obama’s Audible Original, Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast, debuts TODAY, March 14 on Audible, with new episodes releasing weekly. Each of the eight episodes will be exclusively on Audible for two weeks, then available widely wherever podcasts are found.

Upon the release of her new bestselling book, The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times, former First Lady Michelle Obama set out on a very special highly anticipated, six-city U.S. book tour. Inside intimate venues and in front of small audiences, Mrs. Obama held inspiring conversations with esteemed friends, like Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Conan O’Brien, Gayle King, Hoda Kotb, David LettermanEllen DeGeneres and more. Though only a few thousand people were able to attend the events live, these remarkable conversations can now be heard by everyone. Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast goes beyond the book as Michelle Obama and her friends share personal stories and insights listeners won’t encounter anywhere else.

This second episode is called “We All Have A Light” and it features a conversation with Tyler Perry. Perry and Mrs. Obama discuss their different—but extremely powerful—childhood memories, the drive to succeed as working-class Black folks and the difficulty of raising kids in the spotlight. Bonus special: guest Madea pops in with a few things to say about “going high!”

Below is an audio excerpt from episode two featuring filmmaker Tyler Perry, along with a trailer and additional details about the Audible Original. Thanks in advance for your coverage consideration.

Mrs. Obama and Tyler Perry on parenting and a ‘beautiful’ moment he shared with son Aman. Listen HERE

Listen as Mrs. Obama and her friends explore themes like building meaningful relationships; issues connected to race, gender, and visibility; the habits and principles they have used to successfully adapt to change and overcome obstacles; and the importance of lighting up for others to reveal the richness and potential around us. As ever, Michelle Obama brings her trademark humor, candor, and compassion while she discusses her tools for living in today’s world.

This is the first Original project in the newly formed exclusive, worldwide, multi-project, multi-year first-look production deal between Audible and Higher Ground. Audible and Higher Ground’s ongoing collaboration reinforces Higher Ground’s commitment to audio. Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast and the forthcoming slate of Audible Originals will reflect the companies’ shared mission to tell meaningful and entertaining stories that elevate diverse voices and experiences.


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