Celebrating Women’s History Month With Faith + Mental Health Founder, D’Andrea Bolden

During the month of March, we give extra attention to all of the amazing accomplishments of strong, determined women. Since 1987, the United States has formally recognized March as National Women’s History Month. Every woman has a story to tell and we have the story of an amazing woman who also pours into and empowers other women. That woman is D’Andrea Bolden, founder and director of Faith + Mental Health.

For over a decade, D’Andrea has been involved extensively with non-profit community-based work to assist low-income families, the homeless population, and to provide mental health solutions.

She is very passionate about the intersection of faith and mental health understanding that scientific evidence supports that there are benefits to an integrative multidimensional holistic approach. Ultimately, D’Andrea desires to see the faith-based community free of stigma and knowledgeable on how to address mental health.

The inspiration behind her brand is knowing that both faith and mental health are important to people. They don’t have to be separated, they can both work together as we all pursue to become the best version of ourselves.

If someone were to ask you who is D’Andrea Bolden, what would your reply be?

D’Andrea: I would say that I am Mother, daughter, entrepreneur, and a prolific writer that enjoys writing non-fiction books for a multi-faceted audience. I am a gifted communicator and sought-after speaker for mental health and corporate events. I have also earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology; chemistry, a master’s degree in counseling, and a master’s degree in medical sciences.

Happy Women’s History Month! We salute all you have done while dedicating your life and successful career to advocating for mental health awareness. What do you define as success?

D’Andrea: I define success as a life filled with peace, love, and Godliness. Money and things cannot buy or replace that.

Name 2 women who inspire you and why.

D’Andrea: There are two women that inspire me. One is my mother because she is the embodiment of a virtuous woman. She is wise, loving, and very graceful. She has taught me the importance of God, family, and living a quiet and peaceful life. The older I get the more I’m turning into a younger version of her and that is a good thing.

The other woman that inspires me is my daughter she is a 19 year old entrepreneur and college student. She has taught and is still teaching me to have more patience. She makes me want to keep growing and becoming a better me every single day. She inspires me to pursue my dreams and take the limits off of myself.

What would attract listeners to your story?

D’Andrea: Honestly, I just try to be down to earth with no fluff. People are tired of the games just be 100% you and serve others and things will fall in to place.

What is your proudest business accomplishment?

D’Andrea: My proudest accomplishment is the fact that I have not quit. Other specific accomplishments that I could have listed are simply the fruit of my hard work and consistency because I didn’t quit. I refuse to give up. My motto is No surrender!

What’s your best piece of advice for aspiring and new entrepreneurs?

D’Andrea: It’s not easy and results are not always quick or guaranteed. Don’t try to mimic the success of someone else find your own path. Be consistent when things are small and it can grow over time.

May 4th- 6th D’Andrea Bolden will be hosting and speaking at the 2023 Faith + Mental Health Hybrid Summit. Keep up to date by visiting https://www.dandreabolden.com/

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