Celebrating Women Who Inspire: Certified Business Success Coach, Patricia Pearson

Happy Women’s History Month We Empower Magazine readers! Today we are highlighting such an inspirational woman who has become such a powerhouse businesswoman and author.

Patricia Pearson is a certified business success and self-publishing coach, author, and co-author of 4 books. In addition, she has created and self-published six customized journals and planners, including the latest “ Business Success Planner for Entrepreneurs”. As the founder of Patricia Pearson LLC, She helps coaches, consultants & service-based entrepreneurs to turn their knowledge into marketable products by creating customized journals, planners, and specialty books to earn multiple income streams and grow their businesses. She has been named #1 Best Seller on Amazon and featured on ABC, FOX, CBS, and more!

Patricia has an extensive finance, sales, and marketing background in the corporate arena; however, it is small business coaching that she is most passionate about. Her work educates, inspires, and motivates entrepreneurs. She has a proven system that gets more leads, allows for more freedom and leverage, and provides her clients with consistent guidance and high-touch accountability. Patricia started coaching in 2015, and her mission is to help thousands of entrepreneurs turn their passion and knowledge into consistent, sustainable profits.

Patricia has dedicated many years to the industry of entrepreneurship and empowerment. She has influenced many entrepreneurs to clarify their business goals and objectives and helped develop the skills and acquire the resources needed to operate and grow a successful business. She enjoys sharing her success strategies with entrepreneurs to empower them to dream, plan and achieve so they can live out their passion.

We Empower Magazine readers, please enjoy our interview!

What have been some of the most memorable moments in your career so far? 

Patricia: I am a certified business & self-publishing coach. I help coach consultants and service base entrepreneurs to turn their knowledge into multiple income streams with planners, journals and specialty books.

The most memorable and rewarding moments are being with clients as they experience the sweet fruits of their hard work, blossoming into something greater than they could have ever imagined. Helping them reach a goal or a major breakthrough. The excitement of this experience is always memorable.

Your career has been dedicated to entrepreneurship and empowerment. What are some of your future aspirations and what keeps you motivated to continue your inspirational endeavors?  

Patricia:  My aspiration is to continue presenting to individuals the power of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is a powerful tool that empowers individuals to be successful. By starting and running their business ventures, entrepreneurs can create opportunities, take control of their financial futures, and pursue their passions. In addition, entrepreneurship can allow individuals to share their problem-solving skills and creativity.

My biggest motivator is helping others succeed. Seeing clients take action and progress in developing their skills helps them overcome challenges and achieve their goals.

Please tell us about some of your books and how our readers can access them. 

Patricia:  I have authored and co-authored four books. In addition, I created and self-published six customized journals and planners around entrepreneurship. My most recent book is a collaboration titled C.O.A.C.H. (Creating Outcomes & Action by Changing Habits. The coach book is an innovative collaboration of coaches from all different industries, providing mentorship and guidance on their respective areas of expertise. Topics on leadership, entrepreneurship communication, and marketing to career development and personal finance. You can access all my books at www.coachpatpearson.com

What inspired you to join Book Profits Club?

Patricia:  I have followed Taurea Avant for many years and admired her successes, not only her success but also the success of others she has coached. As they say, success leaves clues, which were huge for me. I was initially inspired to join the Book Profits Club to learn more about book writing. However, after joining the club, I realized it was much more than a club. It was a family of like-minded individuals sharing and supporting each other.

What are you currently working on?

Patricia:  I am always a student. Therefore, I am still learning and seeking ways to expand and grow my business. I can provide better services and gain a competitive edge by continually improving my skills. I practice what I teach my clients. Always be learning! Change is inevitable, and adapting to new technologies and customer needs is important for the long-term success of your business. You can provide better products or services and gain a competitive advantage by continually improving your skills.

What else would you like our readers to know about you and the work that you do?

Patricia: I am known as Coach Pat Queen Bee of the entrepreneurs. Living in the land of milk and honey is often a phrase I use to refer to living a life of abundance, peace, joy, and plenty. But, as a business owner, you get to decide what success looks like for you on your terms. You can create your own work schedule, lifestyle, and future. It’s like you are creating a little world you can fill with whatever you wish to make it feel like a land of milk and honey. So empowering!

I’m genuinely known for bringing fun and laughter along this journey. Be sure you are pleased with the result and also enjoy the process! You set the pace and expectations of your growth.  We can choose to take small, calculated risks with our ideas, or we can choose to go big and aim for the stars!

What advice would you have for aspiring entrepreneurs and authors? 

Patricia:  Never Quit! Surround yourselves with positive and like-minded people who have accomplished what you are trying to achieve. Learn from their stories of success, failures, hardships, and perseverance. Help others along the way that are facing the challenges that you have already overcome. To achieve success, you will work hard initially but don’t forget to enjoy the journey and have fun.

Success is a journey that differs from person to person. However, you are the only person who knows what you want to accomplish and what you desire to achieve. Success for me is helping others see their true potential and empowering them with the confidence to Dream, Plan, and Achieve.


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