Celebrating Women Non-Profits: Interview with Serving Women Across Generations Founder Kathi Muhammad

Happy Women’s History Month We Empower Magazine readers! Today we are celebrating Women Non-Profits and we are honored to present Kathi Muhammad who is the founder of Serving Women Across Generations.

Kathi began Serving Women Across Generations (SWAG) when she retired. Kathi Muhammad had always wanted to start a women’s organization. Throughout her life, she often noticed the women were very private. They were not open to each other. Perhaps they didn’t want anyone in their business. Many families made it a strict rule that what happens inside the family stays inside the family. That made an impression on the children. Growing up it became what they did too. Kathi was no exception to that rule. As a woman in the workforce, she found this to be true. Kathi thinks it may have been a distrust or a sense of not wanting to be vulnerable. She decided to start an organization that would give women of all races, religions, and generations an opportunity to come together and share challenges that they had overcome by finding solutions or resources they discovered to help themselves which would in turn help others. For Kathi, it is comforting to know that other women have traveled the same path and they are not alone on life’s journey. We are all in this together.

In what ways do you aspire to empower women through the organization?

Kathi: The mission of Serving Women Across Generations is to Empower Women of all races, religions, and generations by drawing on the strength and courage of our collective life experiences and solutions.

What are some of the most memorable highlights so far that made an impact on the community you serve?

Kathi: There have been many memorable highlights that made an impact on the community. My first event was a panel discussion on women who have overcome challenges. One panel member overcame drug addiction to go on to be an amazing fashion designer, one had been caught up in the sex traffic as a young woman. She overcame and now she is a very successful businesswoman in the field of cosmetology. Another panel member was a single mother raising 2 children with excellence. These stories inspired the audience and by having a conversation were able to gain knowledge and motivation to make changes in their lives.

A) I am most proud of my Mental Health Panel. We had a panel of mental professionals and a person who had mental health challenges. I provided resources that women could use for assistance. The one panelist was so compelling she allowed the audience the opportunity to share that many were dealing with family and friends who were going through mental health problems. I felt the audience members had a sense of relief because they were not the only one dealing with these complicated behaviors

B)My panel of Lady Bosses was significant because I conducted a panel composed of 4 women under the age of the 35 who were building their own empires. One had published a fashion magazine, one had developed and sold her brand of ice cream, one manufactured and sold lipstick brand and one was a successful event planner. These fabulous ladies proved that you can do it at any age. There were a variety of ages in room who benefitted.

C)The last is dear to me because I was a caregiver for 4 years. The SWAG event was entitled Care for the Care Giver. It was a free event where women who were caregivers could come for a day of relaxation, shopping, fellowship, eating and entertainment and if they just wanted to sit down and do nothing that was fine. They deserved it.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Kathi: The world can be a lonely place. I enjoy seeing women bond and share their knowledge freely without expecting anything in return. I enjoy knowing that my organization has made a difference in the lives of others.

What are some upcoming projects and events you are working on as the founder?

Kathi: My next event will be held in October or November. It will be a virtual panel discussion on Women and Their Money. What is the best way to keep it and make it grow? I will have a selection of panel members that will provide the answers.

In what ways can women get involved with your nonprofit?

Kathi: Women can get involved by sharing their expertise as future panel members and donating to Serving Women Across Generations.

What else would you like our readers to know?

Kathi: I would like my readers to know that as women we should support each other. I am also a Lifetime member of Sisters4SistersNetwork.Inc a nonprofit organization in Prince Georges County. When I decided to start my non-profit I received encouragement, support, donations and well wishes from this amazing group of women. They have attended my events and provided support that help make my organization successful. My organization’s officers are accomplished women who believe in and support the Mission of Serving Women Across Generations.

There’s that word again Support. It is major for me.

How can we keep up to date with everything about Serving Women Across Generations?

Kathi: Please visit my website: servingswag.org

Email me at swomenag@aol.com

Facebook: SWAG- Serving Women Across Generations

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