New Talk Show To Be On The Lookout For: The Caprice Show, Hosted by Caprice Hibbler

The Host of The Caprice Show, Caprice Hibbler is a fighter, a believer, a dreamer, a go-getter, goofy, loving, kind, and family-oriented. Caprice is set to launch her new talk show during the Spring of 2023 which will touch on trendsetting, visionary, and thought-provoking conversations around lifestyle, fashion, everyday people, and more! Caprice wants people to know that it has taken her some time to get to where she is in life right now. Caprice says that we as a society literally expect things to happen when we want it to happen but God has a way of humbling us and he says not yet, but he said her time is now and she is so grateful. Caprice is a humble and uplifting woman and we are celebrating Caprice during Black History Month for going after her dreams and becoming our ancestor’s wildest dream.

Caprice defines Black Excellence because she is a leader, a listener, and a learner. She perseveres and is grateful at whatever stage she is in life. Caprice is striving for greatness and wants to see the black community grow and come together. She is on a continued mission to pour back into the community so others who look just like her have a standing chance in the future!

We Empower Magazine readers, please enjoy our interview.

Happy Black History Month! What does this time mean to you and how do you celebrate it?

Caprice: Happy Black History Month! Like where do I start? I am Black and I am proud of my blackness. This month and black history means so much to me, fun fact I share a birthday with none other than Martin Luther King Jr. so I always felt extra special like my blackness is royal because I share a birthday with someone so powerful, extraordinary, and a huge part of history black history of course. Even though I love the fact of Black History Month I never knew why we got the shortest month of the year, but we will save that conversation for next time, let me just add I celebrate being black everyday of my life but this month I like to educate myself on black history and just pouring back into my black community by volunteering or just letting my black brothers and sisters know that they are worthy.

Who are some Black figures in history that inspire you and why?

Caprice: Of course, Martin Luther King Jr. will always be it for me, what he dealt with and had to fight for our rights as a race to be seen and heard will always be seen as heroic. His drive to see us be treated equally which eventually cost him his life, is one of the reasons I will always fight for our rights because we still got some work to do. I would have to say Tyler Perry because what he does in the film industry, his messages, his words, and his philanthropist has inspired me a lot and are one of the reasons I am who I am today. Tyler Perry has paved the way for many black actors and given them a seat at the table he created.

We are excited to welcome you to the world of journalism. What topics will you be discussing at The Caprice Show and what type of guests are you looking for?

Caprice: Thank you so much, I am truly honored and humbled by this warm welcome. The Caprice Show topics will be raw and authentic straight to the point, topics will vary between a mix of things and try to mix things up a bit, such as fashion, trending news and topics, beauty, health, sports, community, unsung heroes, food, games and so much more. I can’t wait for you guys to be able to tune in. I am looking for fun guests, real and authentic and who can touch on these topics. I am and will not be a picky host haha.

What have been some challenges you had to overcome while embarking on this new media journey? How did you overcome those challenges?

Caprice: Self Doubt, sleeping on my ability of how far I can go with a dream, that people would call unrealistic because there are so many of us out here trying to chase this dream that sometimes doesn’t pay, or not believing I can take myself to the next level. I think the lack of support sometimes plays a huge role we look for our friends and family support because that’s what means the most to you when you are chasing a dream. You want familiar support.

When you are working on yourself honey let me tell you, you see everything and everyone for who they are and that makes me go harder to prove to myself you got this with or without them and that strangers will be your biggest supporters. How I overcome these obstacles is prayer, God, loved ones, and pushing even harder at what I truly want out of life. We all want to be successful at what we love doing so here I am putting myself out there and taking a chance on Caprice.

What else are you up to these days?

Caprice: These days I am a busy woman other than gearing up to film my first season of The Caprice Show which will start in mid-March. I am a full-time student, the Coordinator for a non profit program called The Arts Program Syracuse based at the Boys and Girls Club. I mentor young ladies in another non profit program called Gems, and baking. In my most recent days, I have just joined an auxiliary sorority Finer Friends to the Zeta Phi Beta called Zeta Amicae and I am super excited and proud about that, I have added a lot of blue to my wardrobe over these last few weeks. It is always fun shopping for new things so I am not complaining.

What are some lessons from 2022 that you’ve taken into 2023?

Caprice: 2022 has taught me to be kind to myself, be patient with myself, be gentle with myself, and focus on myself. 2022 was learning me again and making my way back to Caprice with a new twist and meaning. 2022 was a year of learning and in this year 202ME I will continue to learn and grow, but most of all 2023 is about giving back and pouring out blessings to the ones I can reach.

We believe in Caprice’s vision and know that she will empower The Caprice Show audience because she is not just a host, Caprice is just like you and she is here to learn, listen and grow with you all.

Caprice has a Visionary Mind because she sees the world as what it can be not what it is, she wants to change the world one person at a time. Caprice also wants to be the change.

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Photo Credit: Eden Strachan

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