Celebrating Women In Business With Candy Coated Kicks LLC Founder, Candy Davis

Candy Davis is talented, God-fearing, Authentic, kind, passionate, and an extreme joy to have in your presence. Masterminding creations has taken her on a journey since age 12. Her creativity of designing was not only on clothes, shoes, and purses, but her knack for designing was shown through Candy’s skills of becoming a hairstylist. By age 22, Candy formed her first business Flawless Creationz hair establishment. Becoming one of Detroit’s Finest Hairstylists. Later Candy decided to start taking her creativity and applying it more on shoes.

By Age 44, she formed her second business, Candy Coated Kicks LLC, providing custom one-of-one shoe designs and illustrations on your favorite sneakers. More recently, the Athletic Department of the University of Michigan sought out Candy to custom design University of Michigan State’s football Coach Jim Harbourgh’s sneakers for the “Battle of the Sneakers” halftime performance. After that, she was sought out to design shoes for the University of Michigan’s Women’s basketball coach Kim Barnes Arico. After making the decision to retire from the hair business, she is now known as the Best Sneakers Designer in Detroit, MI.

Candy Coated Kicks LLC designs have warmed children’s hearts in hospitals through the “Kicks for Kids” campaign, facilitated by Mott’s Children’s Hospital. Candy transformed art drawn by students into customized sneakers for them to wear. Candy is determined to keep showcasing her creativity so that the world will continuously know about what she’s capable of.

Please tell us about yourself and the work that you do.

Candy: I’m Candy Davis, the CEO & owner of Candy Coated Kicks LLC. I’m a professional shoe customizer, designer, Artist & stylist. I apply my creativity to shoes creating one-of-one custom designs for any occasion.

How did you get involved with the That Girl community and what do you enjoy most about it?

Candy: I got involved with the That Girl community from my business partner, Shannon Rucker. She’s one of my business partners of our brand “3 Piece Blessing. She introduced me to the That Girl community & she admired my hard work, dedication, & my support of other entrepreneurs. What I love the most about it is the encouraging support from the women. The admiration, consistency, & genuine love from a group of women is a sisterhood you don’t receive much from women.

What projects are you currently working on or are in the works?

Candy: I’m working on many projects. I’m currently working on getting my own Candy Coated Kicks shoes manufactured in the spring of 2023, that I designed. I designed women’s, & men’s shoes. I’m praying that I can get my shoes in some retail stores for purchase. However, another project I’m working on in particular, that I’m strongly attentive to is working with my brand ambassador KD. He’s an upcoming shoe customizer that I’ve taken under my wing to build an empire with & get him as skilled as possible.

What are you most passionate about?

Candy: What I’m most passionate about is my business and creativity. I’m so passionate about this because this has fascinated me from a young age, and that’s one of the reasons I pursued a career in shoe customizing and related fields that come along with shoe customizing. I’ve always been a person that liked to be unique. So creating one of one designs for people knowing no one else would have a pair of shoes like them is similar to how I am.

I am passionate about making people smile by the satisfaction of me displaying my artwork on their shoes. I am passionate about bringing someone’s old pair of shoes they lost hope for by restoring them back. I’m passionate about what I can achieve, and what I’m capable of. I consider myself the greatest Detroit best customizers because of my passion for what I do. If you don’t have passion for what you do in life…it won’t last.

What else would you like our readers to know about you and the work that you do?

Candy: What I would like for my readers to know about me is that I’m adamant about my business. My consistency in getting the world to know about me & my brand I value a lot. I wish to one day do customs for the children in hospitals who are unfortunate. Having my own Candy Coated Kicks shoes displayed in shoe stores & to become many celebrities’ shoe customizers.

What impact do you want to make in the world throughout your career?

Candy: The impact I want to make in the world is to show people that it’s ok to come together with other entrepreneurs that are doing what you’re doing. What God has in store for you is for you & what God has for them is for them. I don’t like complacency, so I want others to know you can’t be complacent in whatever it is you’re doing you’ll get left behind. The impact I want to leave behind is what I instilled in people, What I left for others to build on. I want the people to know you can become whatever you want. Pursue any career you’re passionate about & be the best God made you to be. Last but not least, keep God in your life!

What has your journey been like being a black woman entrepreneur?

Candy: I can honestly say my journey of my business has been blessed with major blessings. God has placed many people in my life & my journey path. Whether it was to learn from, manifest from, uplift others, or simply inspire ones that thought they couldn’t achieve. Even when obstacles came my way, I asked God to show me the way! One thing I was taught as a child was, to involve God in everything you do and you can never go wrong~Firm Believer in that, so I encourage it.

Happy Women’s History Month! What does this time mean for you and how do you celebrate it?

Candy: I actually celebrate Women’s Day every day not just because I’m a woman entrepreneur. I celebrate it every day because we are very empowering, we uplift one another, and our necessity is administering self-love. We have so many equalities as men. I have the opportunity to celebrate girls, & women. I honor those who have fought against discrimination & inequities of human rights.

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