Black Entrepreneur Spotlight: Nicholas A. Hanley

Happy Black History Month! Here at We Empower Magazine we are celebrating Black Entrepreneurs that have made their mark and have made a profound impact by empowering others. Today we are spotlighting serial entrepreneur, Nicholas A. Hanley.

Nicholas A. Hanley is a New York native who resides in South Florida. Currently attending Florida Atlantic University pursuing a degree in Neuroscience and Behavior with the educational pursuit of Veterinary Medicine with a specialty in Animal Behavior. King Nick, commonly known on Tiktok is a serial entrepreneur who has garnered over 60,000+ followers on Tiktok and has made a name for himself helping businesses and brands foster strong Tiktok communities to monetize through education, empowerment, and entertainment. Nicholas launched a successful path on his social media journey on the Tiktok platform with his charisma and compassion for others. He calls his follower base Kings and Queens because he sees the need to bring light to the ones who may not have it. After seeing the potential of TikTok, Nicholas saw the opportunity to help businesses and brands capitalize on the platform. From creating sponsored content to launching strategic campaigns, Nicholas has a strong knowledge base for storytelling through his comedic scripts, motivational voice-overs, and educational content that helps other brands helps to maximize the platform’s potential. He has since worked with countless companies to help them create their presence on the platform and make money through various campaigns. With his experience and expertise, Nicholas has become one of the most sought-after professionals in the field, and his services are highly sought after.

“Lead intentionally so others can catch their spark.” — Nicholas A. Hanley

What inspired you to become a business owner?

Nicholas: As a New York native, I was surrounded by motivated individuals who shared the same vision, to take chances and think creatively. I wanted to share my passion and create a business framework and show others how to make a living from it. I connected with people from all walks of life, where I taught them how to navigate social media platforms and grow their own businesses. Seeing the impact I was making on people’s lives, inspired me to take my God-given abilities and become a business owner. In addition, this is my way of honoring my mother, who had sacrificed so much to support our family. It is my aspiration to retire my mother from nursing as a Registered Nurse through the fruits of my labor, so she can pursue her goals. I want to give back to my community and support those who have supported me, which will ensure my mother’s hard work will not be wasted in vain. This is why I took the leap of faith and started my own business.

What would you like our readers to know about Progressive Media Post, LLC.?

Nicholas: Progressive Media Post, LLC. takes pride in bridging the gap between you and your consumers through social media. We are a professional group of individuals who seek to bring your company’s vision to your targeted audience. Our goal is to bring an increase in sales, which will result in the positive outcomes your company deserves. The journey started at the beginning of 2016, we took the bold step to find professionals from different walks of life to give high-quality services, provide excellent customer service and give ROI for the business owners who were looking to grow and expand their brands. With the assistance of our marketers, graphic design team, SEO team, and creative personnel, we continue to make great impacts within the digital space. Our company is based on hybrid principles, we embody the essence of the olden days when everything was handcrafted with care, cars were made more durable, and the times when people dressed in suits. We will make sure that your brand looks professional, relatable, and amazing, so your potential audience can see the value in your business to create customer loyalty.

Please tell us about your work as an investor.

Nicholas: I am involved in the cryptocurrency space, where I have taught my inner circle about the basics of securing one’s cryptocurrency. In addition, I have purchased a crypto miner, and have purchased cryptocurrencies.

As a serial entrepreneur, you’ve obtained a large following on TikTok. What has the journey been for you to become the successful business owner that you are now?

Nicholas: As a serial entrepreneur, I realized that God was the only reason why I have been successful and have been able to maintain my status. He has given me the opportunity to be placed in spaces where my talents were able to shine and help others solve problems they might not have been able to solve. My social media journey started at the beginning of the year 2020 when I had a following of 300+ individuals. However, within a year I was able to garner 40K+ followers and the journey has been enlightening because I was able to maximize the potential of the social media platform. From creating sponsored content to launching strategic campaigns, I have a strong knowledge base for storytelling through my ability to create comedic scripts, motivational voice-overs, and educational content that helps other brands connect with their audience. In the midst of finding my voice within the space, I decided to call my community The Royal Family and my audience members are called Kings and Queens because I saw the need to bring light to the ones who may not have it. As I realized it takes entertainment, empowerment, and education to create, grow and foster a strong Tiktok community to monetize.

What are you most passionate about as a speaker?

Nicholas: The opportunity to speak to an audience and provide an educational, yet entertaining oration is an honor. I am passionate about the ability of storytelling to provide an audience with knowledge and skills to transform their lives. It excites me to be able to share my experiences, advice, and perspectives in a meaningful way. I’m able to help others find solutions to their issues by teaching and encouraging them. Through my speaking engagements, I provide a platform for people to learn, grow and make positive changes in their lives. I also love being able to engage with an audience and build a connection with them. My goal is to always make sure that everyone in the room is engaged and actively participating in the discussion. I strive to create an environment of trust and comfort, where people can feel safe to express their ideas and opinions. I enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to make a lasting impact on my audience and help them to gain new insights and perspectives. I am passionate about speaking because I believe in the power of words and the positive impact they can have on people’s lives. It is an incredibly rewarding experience to be able to help others in this way and I am proud to be a part of the process.

What impact do you want to make in the lives of others through your services, resources, and platform?

Nicholas: I have a responsibility to improve people’s lives as a social media consultant on Tiktok. Each partnership will bring their brand through a transformative process as I provide the correct tools that each business requires in order for them to expand to their full potential on the platform. The client’s first step is a comprehensive assessment to properly identify their needs on the Tikok platform. Then the creation of specialized solutions will assist the transformative process for their social media problems. God has given me the ability to create a platform and reach numerous people, in result I will continue to offer transformation for each partshinps through my services, and resources to impact a generation.

What have been some of the memorable moments in your career so far?

Nicholas: It has been a phenomenal blessing to be featured on Yahoo Finance, Fox News 26 (Houston), IMDB, and on podcasts. Although media coverage is memorable, the most memorable moments are the ones where I am able to take my clients step-by-step through their transformative process with them from start to finish.

What else would you like our readers to know about you and the work that you do?

Nicholas: I would like the readers to know that Nicholas Antonio Hanley is a humble man from New York with a plan from God to help the masses find their transformation through the gifts that were given to me. In addition, I will retire my mother and impact millions of individuals, intentionally.

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