Beyoncé’s Stylist for 18 Years To Published Author, Ty Hunter

Happy Black History Month! As the annual and beloved New York Fashion Week is in motion, we are paying tribute to a fashion industry mogul that has made his mark around the world.

Multi-hyphenated Ty Hunter, the living fashion legend, the powerhouse, the fashion statement himself. Ty commenced his career as he modeled the fashion industry through his role as Beyoncé’s stylist for 18 years. Ty has manufactured a fashion legacy that will transcend for generations to come. Ty has held the title as a fashion designer, debuting at New York Fashion Week. Ty’s immense social media following on Instagram and Twitter where he has acquired a substantial following through his motivational and relatable posts. As well, he supplies wisdom for his followers. Currently, he works with the iconic Billy Porter. Ty is the head stylist and was also deemed his creative director. With his vast years in the fashion industry Ty has now ventured into being a published author.

The book “Makeover from Within” by Ty Hunter is released on Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble. The book is a touching and inspirational journey of one of today’s living fashion icons. “Makeover From Within” was a vastly exclusive voyage of self-reflection through the lens of Ty Hunter. Not only is Ty Hunter a stylist to the stars but he has left an epic stamp in being a published author. The book was deemed “Part memoir and part motivational toolbox” and deemed a “moving and uniquely inspiring book” by its reviewers. Ty conveys unequivocal occurrences through his now fashion empire. The memoir has candid ventures of humble beginnings, terrifying situations and his rise to fame. The book speaks on his immense achievements and perseverance which led him to convert into the extraordinary icon he is today.

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