Women Who Inspire: Thought Leader and Change Agent, Fenyx Blue

Many years ago the idea of a publishing company called WISDOM meaning Words Inspiring Self-Development of Mankind came to Thought Leader and Change Agent, Fenyx Blue.

She wanted to publish works of fiction and nonfiction that would inspire, educate and motivate others. In 2020, it became more of a movement where she wanted to use her ink (blue ink) to encourage others to be more BLUE (BOLD, Loving, Unapologetic, and Evolving) as teachers, entrepreneurs, and authors.

Fenyx Blue decided that she did not want to be the only phoenix who was deciding to rise above her circumstances, Fenyx wanted some partners to rise to their fullest potential, too. Since 2020, Fenyx Blue Ink has published 7 books under WISDOM Works, LLC.

If someone were to ask you who is Fenyx? What would your reply be?

Fenyx Blue: Fenyx is a bold, loving, unapologetic, evolving woman with a vision and a mission to serve and make an impact on frustrated educators, striving entrepreneurs, and aspiring authors. Fenyx is determined to help coach teachers, business owners and writers to win back their time, embrace self-care, and define their own meaning of success. Fenyx has the heart of a teacher, the ambition of an entrepreneur, and the creativity of an author.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Fenyx Blue: As an instructional coach, I love coaching new and veteran teachers because they greatly impact future generations. As the owner of WISDOM Works, LLC., I enjoy giving young and new entrepreneurs a blueprint and sharing my mistakes because when they implement, they can find more success more quickly and then serve their own clients or customers. As an author consultant, I first relish being an author and sharing what I’ve learned with others so that their stories can get into the hands of those who will be most positively affected by them. I enjoy the impact of helping others who help others because it is like a cycle that never ends. Helping others to fulfill their purpose, cements your legacy for years to come.

In what ways does your career empower others?

Fenyx Blue: As a teacher, leader and coach, you learn to show by modeling and not to simply tell without providing examples so that others can eventually do great things on their own without you. I believe in the I do, we do, you do model which is built on a gradual release of responsibility. I love asking great questions and guiding the process so that someone can develop their own plan and discover their own potential. The educators, entrepreneurs, and authors that work with me already have the power they need to succeed inside so I only need to fan their flames. I feel successful when the new or burnt out teacher can thrive on her own, when the entrepreneur is more profitable than me, and when the novice author is so competent that he can teach others how to publish and prosper.

What have been some of the most memorable moments in your career so far?

Fenyx Blue: “Making memories and a difference are more valuable to me than any money I have ever made.” -Fenyx Blue

When I was chosen as Teacher of the year, I was thrilled to be honored for doing a job that I love and was created to do. When I sold books beside an author who I had helped through the publishing process and he effectively and enthusiastically explained how his book would improve financial literacy to paying customers, I was so proud. When I held a workshop with a group of girl scouts and they said they would continue to write in the journals I provided for them until they wrote books of their own, I was glad I became a writer and a speaker. The most memorable moments I have had have been being able to see the fruit of my labor in the form of someone else achieving his or her dream. Making a difference is the best memory I could have ever asked for in my life.

What are you currently working on?

Fenyx Blue: I have just completed a book project with teachers and former teachers called To Teach or Not To Teach where we discuss resources and strategies to help teachers transition out of the classroom or to remain and thrive in the classroom. I would like to start a podcast and to give scholarships for youth who desire to be teachers, entrepreneurs or authors in the future so I plan to do more speaking engagements, workshops, and book projects this year with WISDOM Works, LLC.

What does 2023 look like for you as a whole?

Fenyx Blue: 2023 will be a year of impact because I am being intentional with working with people who will help me to maximize my treasure, talents, and time. I’m from Chicago so when I see 23, I instantly think of the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan. Jordan is a man of skill, action, and vision. 2023 will be my Jordan year. It will be the greatest year of all time where I take action and use my skills to accomplish my vision of helping teachers, entrepreneurs and authors to rise up and fly.

What else would you like our readers to know at this time?

Fenyx Blue:If you like to read, WISDOM Works, LLC. has what you need. When I speak, I usually speak on three topics which include financial literacy, wellness, and pursuing your passion. I’d like your readers to know that they are limitless. If your reader has a vision, he or she should start that business or write that book. If they need help, I am willing to be a guide on the side.

How can we keep up to date on social media?

Fenyx Blue: I can be found @fenyxblueink on all Social Media platforms. DM me. Email me. Support me and The Blue Ink Movement.

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