Women Making An Impact: Licensed Professional Counselor, Sasha Johnson

Sasha Johnson a Licensed Professional Counselor. She pursued her dream of helping others without taking no for an answer. To date, she stands as a Full-time Mom, Author, Radio Personality, Therapist, Producer, and the proud Founder of Sister’s 2nd Chance. Her non-profit organization focuses on supporting the community through similar challenging situations while breaking mental health stigma. Inside and Out Consulting, her Private Practice provides Mental Health Counseling Services to individuals and/or families suffering from trauma, relationship conflict, and overall challenges. Sasha is looking to share her experiences with others. We are thrilled to interview her today.

Happy Black History Month! As the Founder of Sister’s 2nd Chance, what services and resources do you offer members of color in your community?

Sasha: We at Sister’s 2nd Chance provide free mental health counseling, we conduct food drives, free workshops, and financial utility bill assistance.

Congratulations on running for School Board! How did this decision come about? What are your campaign plans, and what impact do you aspire to make if elected?

Sasha: I decided to run because I want to make a difference for our children. I saw the need for a more culturally diverse response to our children’s challenges and issues within our community. I will officially run in the upcoming election, but we will provide further details as we make more concrete determinations. The impact that I aspire to make is to open the eyes of the community to the overall need for more multicultural options and also allow more of an outlook on a broader perspective and solutions to current issues.

We salute your efforts as a Nationally Certified/Licensed Professional counselor and mental health advocate. What sparked your passion for helping others with their mental health, and how do you navigate your mental health with all that you do in your day-to-day life?

Sasha: What sparked my passion for helping others with their mental health challenges was the stigma and lack of focus on mental health as a severe issue in the community. I wanted to be a resource due to realizing there is a deficit of opportunity for assistance for individuals in need. There is a lacking of understanding of the impact on mental health. I navigate my mental health by executing a consistent self-care routine and seeking my mental health professional.

We understand that you’re the author of 6 books! Wow! How awesome! How can we find your books, and what impact did you set to make in the world when you first began your writing journey?

Sasha: You can find all of my books primarily on Amazon. The effect I am developing into producing in the world is to provide more knowledge on resilience, overcoming trauma, and dealing with mental health challenges.

What else are you currently working on as of late?

Sasha: I am currently working on continuing to provide knowledge on world issues, culture, and mental health on my radio show platform called Off The Script at Power 108.9 at the Battery in Atlanta, GA.

What is a super fun fact about yourself that many people are not aware of?

Sasha: A fun fact about me is that I have been a single mother for my sons’ entire life, but many people do not realize they are 11 months apart. I think they call them french twins.

You have empowered so many people through your practice, and platform, and by giving back to the community. What do you hope for in 2023 for the community that you serve?

Sasha: My hope for the community I serve in 2023 is for them to have more access to available resources, which is why I am partnering with other organizations in the area to help more individuals.




More on Sasha Johnson

Sasha is the Chief Executive Owner of Sasha Mercedes, LLC; under this platform, she attends interviews, attends speaking engagements, and has been featured in several magazines such as VoyageATL, Afroelle Magazine, ACHI Magazine, Sheen Magazine, and more!

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Instagram: @drsashamercedes

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TikTok: @drsashamercedess

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-sasha-johnson-ms-lpc-ncc-929658101

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