Elyse Whisby Discusses The Importance of Having Fresh Skin In The New Year

At the top of the new year, the celebrated theme is New Year, New You. The owner of Ascension by Elyse Spa and Training Institute, Elyse Whisby is on a mission to champion this motto to fruition. As a certified esthetician, she is passionate about sharing tips for fresh skin for a fresh start.

Ascension by Elyse Spa and Training Institute has created a wellness haven where clients can rejuvenate their skin and refresh themselves for the New Year. Services provided include facials, skin tightening, tattoo removal, and body contouring; all of which can leave the face and body relaxed and ready for success. Within her Institute, Elyse also ensures her potential students receive in-depth training and thorough information, and relevant tools while enrolled in her courses. She plans to expand on her wellness services by offering routine yoga classes, a wellness spa, CBD, and hemp-based wellness products to round out the wellness experience.

We Empower Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Elyse Whisby.

As the owner of Ascension by Elyse Spa and Training Institute what are your mission, passion, and main focus?

Elyse: My mission, passion, and focus are essentially the same element: Beauty Enhancement. Not just outer beauty, but inner beauty as well. We want you to find peace, feel peace of mind and look beautiful in the process. Ultimately, we aim to train others in the mindset of Ascension in order to spread the vision further.

How did your journey as a certified esthetician come about?

Elyse: I decided to delve into the world of beauty after an extensive 22-year career in accounting. My love for beauty as a whole and all its components is what fuels me toward my professional goals. I adore how beauty has always been and will always be, constantly ascending. Henceforth, Ascension by Elyse. I absolutely love beauty, and I want to share my passion with others and evolve in this industry.

What do you think is vital for our readers to know about you and the work that you do?

Elyse: I would love for readers to understand that beauty is not just what others see about you. Beauty manifests itself from within. How you feel, share, care and love is all part of your beauty. Feeling good goes hand in hand with looking good. Beauty in a nutshell.

Any tips you can share with us for this new year?

Elyse: Focus on self-love…not the words, not the social media posts, not the empty resolution but the actual act of SELF LOVE! Do what makes you feel your absolute best. Start from within. Heal, feel and reveal!!!

You come from a place of love for education, coaching, and extracting beauty from dark places. What advice would you have for our readers who are currently struggling in their dark place?

Elyse: Always know that when you’re in a dark place or a cycle of low energy, just focus. Focus on what you’ve always wanted to do, accomplish or achieve. Because at that point, you’re functioning in your lowest, try to take your mindset to the other end of the spectrum. Think of things that motivate you, people who inspire you and places you feel are inspirational to your journey. These positive thoughts will start you to unlock the beauty within which will shine through the darkness.

Any final thoughts?

Elyse: Ascension is defined as the act of rising to an important position or a higher level. I’m applying this concept to the world of beauty but sharing the secrets along the way. True ascension in my opinion is knowing you’ve achieved the ultimate level of sharing and mentoring. That’s where the true reward lies, and where Ascension by Elyse excels. Come and be a part of the journey, because it’s surely headed upward.


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