Army Veteran PJ Cowan Set To Launch New Podcast, “Raw and Real Vet Talk” in March

Army Veteran, Divorced Parent, Fitness Trainer, Fitness Competitor, Chef and now Podcast host PJ Cowan is set to launch his new podcast “Raw and Real Vet Talk” in March.

Pj is open and honest and ready to speak on all those hard topics people are scared to speak about. You will hear about life in the Army, what it’s like to be a Divorced Dad, and being a child’s first teacher. You will also learn why fitness became such a huge part of his life and why he enjoys training others. Raw and Real Vet Talk will feature guests from the Entertainment Industry, the Fitness Industry, Divorced Dads, Ex Veterans, and many more. Pj is giving others a platform to share their stories as well of difficult times and overcoming them. This will be an opportunity for great conversation and a little debate.

Thank you for your service! As Army Veteran, what values and lessons have you taken into the additional professional work that you do such as being a Fitness Trainer, Fitness Competitor, Chef, and now Podcast host?

PJ: Some of the values and the lessons that have helped me and my professions are PERSONAL COURAGE, INTEGRITY, HONOR, SELFLESS SERVICE, RESPECT, DUTY, & LOYALTY. All things that we had to truly learn as a soldier.

What have been some of the most memorable moments in your career so far that you’re extremely proud of?

PJ: Some of the most memorable moments in my career would be the military, leading other soldiers into battle and bringing those soldiers home to their families.

As a WBFF pro winning my first-ever amateur show and my pro card and going on to compete against the best of the best in the world. As well as becoming one of the top trainers in Oklahoma and reinventing personal training into a hybrid style. (Small group training and personal training)

We would love to learn more about your upcoming podcast “Raw and Real Vet Talk” which you are launching in March. What should we embrace ourselves for?

PJ: Embrace and get ready for some raw and real conversations with military veterans that some people probably didn’t even know served in our military. Having real discussions about topics that are going on in the world today and getting a veteran’s perspective of this crazy world we’re living in.

Let’s talk about you being a chef and a dad. Family and Food are some of the best things in life. As a dad, what do you enjoy cooking for your family the most and why?

PJ: Both are very important, and I love cooking for my tribe. I love it because it gives me and my kids bonding time because they both love to cook and eat. They like to try new things and it’s really cool because my son is a pescatarian so cooking for him is different than cooking for my daughter.

In what ways does the work that you do empower others?

PJ: With all the work I do I am empowering others because I am changing lives through health, fitness, and being a motivational supporter.

What else are you working on, and what else can we be on the lookout for in 2023?

PJ: I’m also working on my apparel line for my new-era veterans’ Snapback hats.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

PJ: I just want readers to know that I am a proud veteran, and the best way that you can thank me for my service is by supporting me and other fellow veterans’ small businesses.

Fill in the blank…

My mission is to..



I thrive for…

PJ: Greatness, to grow, to develop, & to be successful

I am the best I can be because…

PJ: I have learned to put myself first.

I would like to thank…

PJ: Kick Up Your Heels Entertainment for all their help and support through this chapter of the journey in my life.

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