We Empower Magazine December 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is in motion and what better way to gift your family and friends with some of the latest and greatest gifts from innovative business owners. We Empower Magazine is thrilled to present the December 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for your consideration and pleasure to leave a lasting impression of joy leading to the new year.


Business Name: KPLUX SHOP

Description: Kplux, simply put, is a luxe experience! A unique and fashionable brand aiming to provide every customer the opportunity of self-expression and self-love. Kplux is a passion project reflecting a life-long love for fashion and style!

Website: www.kpluxshop.com

Instagram: @kpluxshop


Business Name: DEITY USA

Description: Deity America is a natural hair care line consisting of a full line of shampoos, conditioners, and scalp treatments. All products are made from plant extracts from Tibet, Deity America Natural Hair care products help prevent hair loss and promote healthy hair growth!

Website: https://www.deityusa.net/

Instagram @deityamerica


Business Name: Natalia Me-gan Beauty

Description: Established in 2018, Natalia Me-gan Beauty is a female minority-owned indie brand offering a wide variety of cruelty-free hydrating luxury matte lipsticks, lip glosses, and 3D mink faux voluminous lashes. Under $15.

Website: www.nataliambeauty.com

Instagram: @nataliambeauty


Business Name: MY VANITY TOOLS

Description: The VanityHood is pretty and practical. It slips discreetly into any bag or tote. Great to have when trying on clothes in department stores or high-end boutiques. Perfect for your salon or spa visits, when changing back into your street clothes. Why ruin your fresh style or facial?

Designed to protect your daily attire from any brand of makeup; including smudging and difficult to clean stains.

Comfortable, Easy, and Extremely Convenient

Website: https://myvanitytools.com/

Instagram: @myvanitytools


Business Name: Ice Body SkincareĀ 

Description: Ice Body Skincare prides itself on the integrity it holds for using natural ingredients that are free of harsh chemicals, parabens, sulfates, and animal testing. Our products are effective and safe to use. Under $30.

Website: www.shopicebody.com

Instagram: @shopicebody

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