Music Artist Spotlight: Ms. Huxtable

Music artist Teaona Ballard, also known as Ms. Huxtable has been rapping since her late teens. She started her career rapping just for her family and friends and never really took it seriously until a little over a year ago.

After Ms. Huxtable wrote her first freestyle and posted it on social media, the feedback was well received. At that moment she decided to take rapping more seriously and enter the music industry. The rest is history!

Ms. Huxtable is a Syracuse, New York music artist on the rise and has such a successful career ahead of her.  We Empower Magazine is thrilled to spotlight such a promising talent who is the one to be on the lookout for.

What are some of the most memorable moments of your career so far?

Ms. Huxtable: The most memorable moment of my career so far is my performance at Concert Crave in Buffalo NY back In July. The crowd cheered my whole performance and after I got off stage about 8–10 men and women came up to me to tell me how much they liked my set and asked where could they follow me on social media. They made me feel like a celebrity it was an amazing experience.

Please tell us about some of your latest projects and what you are currently working on.

Ms. Huxtable: I am currently working on an EP that will be released sometime before the new year, I won’t say much I’d like it to be a surprise!

What is a super fun fact about yourself that many people are not aware of?

Ms. Huxtable: A super fun fact about me is that I met the Jonas Brothers at Shopping Town Mall when I was about 7 years old. I will never forget how shy I was, I had the biggest crush on Nick Jonas!

What does music mean to you?

Ms. Huxtable: Music means everything to me, I truly believe I’ve found my passion and it really helps me clear my head and relieves a lot of pent-up emotions I have.

Who inspires you and who would you like to work with one day?

Ms. Huxtable: I would say Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim inspire me. I’ve heard a lot of Lil Kim’s music growing up because my aunts and older cousins were huge fans. Nicki I started listening to during my preteen years up until this day. I would really like to work with her one day.

What is your creative process when writing a song?

Ms. Huxtable: My creative process when writing is getting comfy in my living room with a snack and beverage, then having the beat I’m writing to blasting.

What is your favorite song of yours and by someone else? Why?

Ms. Huxtable: My favorite song by me is called “Band Camp”

I feel like it is my most creative song that I have out now lyric-wise. My favorite song overall would have to be “Tender Kisses” by Tracie Spencer because I am in love with old-school R&B. I feel like that era is when music was the realest.

What impact do you want to make in the music industry?

Ms. Huxtable: I want to make the most positive and most realistic impact in the music industry possible. I realize how much music can influence people and I want my music to bring people together emotionally and for our culture.

What do you hope for yourself in 2023?

Ms. Huxtable: In 2023 I hope for my music to reach many people to grow my fan base. I plan to release a lot of new music and videos.

What else would you like our readers to know?

Ms. Huxtable:  I would also like the readers to know they better watch out for me! 2k23 is MY year I’m coming!

Keep up to date by connecting on Facebook  “Ms. Huxtable” or  Instagram @ms._huxtable

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