“Ask Me What I Do”: 4 Years and Counting, of My Networking Apparel

We can agree that the Black entrepreneur boom hit the world with a bang, a little over a decade or so ago, and has been on a consistent rise ever since.

Then corporate career woman, mother, and HR pro, Natasha Hall, trail-blazed the scene with a never-before-seen solution to a very obviously growing problem within the BIPOC community. Considering the new nature of trendy and public entrepreneurship for people of color, there was a very evident need for new and rising business owners to connect with other business owners in order to collaborate, partner, learn from one another, and/or support! (AKA Network!)

Natasha tapped into her years of HR experience and educational marketing background, coupled with the hot new trend of graphic tees and motivational concepts, to introduce the genius solution to this new, networking issue. My Networking Apparel was born and strategically aligned with its signature mantra, “Ask Me What I Do.” — New “Mompreneur” Natasha, placed this bold prompt on a t-shirt, and the rest was history.

Not only did she create a hit-product that solved a wide-spread problem, she also created a brand and platform that would grow to offer events, blog features for entrepreneurs and now stickers, buttons, accessories and interactive games to keep the conversations going.

The shirt has proven to be a smash hit, worn by many industry pioneers and influencers with large networks. Her mission is always a mutually beneficial one, to anyone who supports or invests in MNA. In the voices of the people, “The shirt works!” — With each year of growth, My Networking Apparel has stretched their reach and added to their existing value with new resources, new products and new offers.

Tap into their Anniversary campaign, recent interviews (exclusively on YouTube) with media personalities Incognito and Chyna Marie, as well as their upcoming Networking event, happening at the top of the year, 2023.

Photo Credit: Dope Shots Photography

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