Alyssa Phillips: An Unstoppable Force in Real Estate and Cyber Security

Alyssa Phillips is a woman of many talents. She wears many hats, from real estate entrepreneur to cybersecurity expert. She is able to navigate the complex worlds of both with finesse and has effectively utilized her creative problem-solving abilities in both areas. Few can match her unique skill set, which enables her to both defend businesses against cyber threats and explore new opportunities in the housing market.

Alyssa Phillips is an unstoppable force in business. She brings her determination and ambition to each venture she undertakes. It’s no wonder she has quickly gained attention in the business world for her willingness to take risks and pursue new opportunities that other entrepreneurs may have overlooked. Alyssa Phillips is definitely someone you’ll want to keep an eye on! Her enthusiasm and ambition know no bounds, and it’s clear she has a successful career ahead of her.

In an interview with We Empower magazine, Alyssa shares some of her journeys and why she teaches real estate to others.


Hi, Alyssa. Thank you for taking the time to chat with We Empower Magazine. Please share with our readers a little about yourself.

I was born in the UK to military parents. I spent most of my adulthood in Maryland working for the National Security Agency with a top-secret clearance—and worked to protect our nation’s most critical and most secret information. I worked in many roles- as an analyst, technical director, and supervisor. I began buying rental property at the age of 19 in 2010 – right when the market was still recovering. I purchased several properties for less than $20,000 and completed work on them on my own – going paycheck to paycheck to fix them up.

I currently live in a suburb of Houston, TX.  I have five children.

From cyber security to real estate investing. Which came first, and which are you most passionate about?

Real estate came first in 2010. More passionate about real estate. Cyber was very, very fun. But I love seeing a project from start to finish… and seeing others enjoy something I envisioned. They are building lifetime memories in something I thought out and carefully crafted.

What made you decide to go into cyber security?

 I wanted more money to do real estate, and it was the quickest and most sure way to get a high-paying salary job. I wanted to work in Intelligence… I mean, because who WOULDN’T want to be a spy? So, combining intel and cyber security—was a win-win for me. I used my high-paying job to fund my real estate endeavors.

You co-own and are the CEO of a multimillion-dollar security company that provides security services to the government and private sector. That sounds like a lot of responsibility. How do you balance the two (as they both seem to require a lot of time and attention)?

I have an AMAZING team in both businesses. My assistant is also unbelievably perfect. She knows my mind- and can respond the way I would. She’s like a mini-me. I give her full responsibility for making decisions. At times, we may not agree on a decision, but I trust that she is paying more attention to detail than I am because I’m pulled in multiple different directions… so if we do have times where we don’t agree—I concede to her. Time management comes very naturally to me… but I make my company a priority… I believe in EMPOWERING all my employees as such; they are able to make decisions and run my company very, very well.

You now utilize your knowledge to teach real estate investing. What made you say, “Other people need to know this”?

I enjoy real estate, and it’s fairly easy once you get a system down… don’t get me wrong,… lots of risks, and I’ve experienced losses, but your wins are bigger than your losses… or at least for me… I get the freedom of time. The freedom of money—I can do what I want and when I want. And I think life is too short to have it any other way… and real estate provided that vessel for me. I also know everyone won’t want to do real estate, but it’s a great way to raise capital to invest in whatever you may want to do.

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