Women In Power Spotlight: Luxury Handbag Designer & Million Dollar Real Estate Agent, Jacque Martin

Our Women In Power Spotlight is a social media influencer, a luxury handbag designer & a million-dollar real estate agent by the name of Jacque Martin. We obtained an exclusive interview with Jacque to discuss the experiences that have brought her to become the successful woman that she is today, fashion tops, her passions, her career journey, and more.

We are so thrilled to interview you today as our Woman In Power Spotlight. Please tell us about your journey so far as an international fashion model and luxury handbag designer.

Jacque: Thank you, I’m excited as well. Whew chile, lol!! Well, to say the least, it’s definitely been a journey, it’s had its ups and downs, yet has been the most rewarding journey. Somehow, I’ve been able to leverage social media along the way to build my brands.

What experiences have brought you to become the successful woman that you are today? 

Jacque: It’s been a number of things over the years that have attributed to my success. Keeping God 1st is the number one thing, the inspiration that I get from my daughter, and the support system that I have from my mom & sister have truly helped me. Over the years I’ve focused on building multiple streams of revenue & collaborating with like-minded businesswomen to build brands, so I think those things combined have allowed me to become successful.

What fashion tips would you have for us as we enter the winter season? 

Jacque: When it comes to fashion tips, it’s always gonna be simplicity with a pop of edge. This season I’ve been feeling long sleeve full-body jumpsuits, and a dope jacket. Furs, leathers and a fly boot is always a vibe in the winter.

As a motivational speaker, what topics are you most passionate about speaking to audiences about and why? 

Jacque: As a motivational speaker, I’m most passionate about speaking on PURPOSE. I truly believe that if you chase the purpose, the profits will come.

What is it about the real estate industry that sparked your interest to pursue that path? Also, what unique characteristics do you think have made you a highly in-demand real estate professional? 

Jacque: My grandmother sparked my interest to add real estate under my belt. My grandmother has made a living as an investor and has always stressed the importance of buying property. I’ve done that, and have taken it a step further to help many buy and sell properties over the years. I’ve been fortunate to build a trusted referral-based real estate business, which has allowed me to help clients with their real estate needs in markets like Texas and Georgia.

In what ways do you want your platform and career to empower others? 

Jacque: My number one goal is to inspire & impact as I continue growing my brands. I want to encourage aspiring and struggling entrepreneurs to walk through the door of fear even though it may look impossible. I want people to believe that there is power in transition, and don’t be afraid of what that could look like.

What are you looking forward to in 2023? 

Jacque: I’m really looking forward to launching the BABExperience Tour. I like to call this my passion project. Somehow I’ve been able to inspire sooooo many women over the years with BABE, and I’m excited to finally go on tour. Check us out at buildabagexperience.com to learn more about what the BABExperience is all about.

What else are you working on as of late and what can we be on the lookout for? 

Jacque: I’m working on The Power Of Transition which is a Coaching Series on how to leverage your job and transition into a serial entrepreneur generating six to seven figures in revenue.

Keep up to date on Instagram @thejacquem & @babexperience @poweroftransition

Photo Credit:  Briele Chanel

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