Women In Business Spotlight: Pia Johnson, Owner and Founder of Transformation Counseling Services

We love to highlight women in business and today we have the pleasure of highlighting an entrepreneur helping others through her mental health services. Pia Johnson is the owner and founder of Transformation Counseling Services as well as a Licensed Master Social Worker with a concentration in clinical social work. She graduated with a BA in Psychology from SUNY Empire State College and an MSW from Hunter College School of Social Work.

Pia brings many years of public service and nonprofit experience from a variety of clinical settings. She has worked with individuals diagnosed with serious and persistent mental illness, substance use disorders, LGBTQ populations, depression, anxiety couples, and individuals with chronic medical illness for 20 years. She works from a blended theory’s approach with emphasis on a strength-based and client-focused perspective to provide support and foster healthy therapeutic relationships.

What was the inspiration behind becoming a mental health professional?

Pia: My inspiration was and still is the desire to understand and help people. I am interested in improving human connection and strengthening their relationship of self and with others. I want people to live the best lives they can and at Transformation Counseling Services we want to help them find the skills, resources, knowledge, and space to create that life. We became mental health professionals to empower and co-create healing spaces for all.

Do you believe in work-life balance? If so, how do you maintain it?

Pia: We believe working is an important part of life that should bring you fulfillment and a sense of purpose. We also encourage our clients to find purpose and fulfillment in other aspects of their lives, that’s the balance of it. Learning that working is a part of life but not life itself, is something we encourage our clients to embrace. In order to maintain that perspective and have a healthy balance, we teach our clients about the importance of setting healthy boundaries at work, how to communicate their needs at work, and how to honor their full selves in systems and structures at work that can oftentimes feel oppressive. We promote wellness and we provide mindfulness, stress reductions, and career coaching support to any client that feels they are dealing with difficulties at work.

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