Meet Master Designer Quandell Wright

Lexus Velodrome in Detroit is in for an epic night of fashion Friday, November 4, 2022. The William Palmer Homme luxury purse design and style will showcase its first fashion show, REDLINED. Quandell Wright wanted to create clean, luxurious, and versatile designs, and he did this when he founded his brand William Palmer Homme as his master designer. For Detroit, this is a Big Deal, seeing one of their rising fashion icons exhibit his work and the work of other rising Fashion Designers. Amongst designing the latest “IT” bag, he is never too busy to help other artists evolve. Wright serves as the Branding Director for The Detroit Fashion Community and the Branding Director for Premium Talent at Ethika records.

Wright, a Detroit Native, credits his city for its roots in fashion. He’s incorporating Detroit as often as possible, and adding the Cass Tech Band to his REDLINE show further shows his love for his city. Cass Tech is amongst the most prominent schools in the city. He described the sleek style and rich culture as Detroit’s most marvelous attribute. Born and raised in Detroit, he believes his fashion and creative art are natural for him.

Now Wright is paving the way in fashion with his uniquely shaped couture and luxury leather bags. The William Palmer Homme brand has been spotted worn by some of our favorite entertainers, celebrities, and influencers, including Emmy Award-Winning Ryan Ken, Recording Artist Neisha Neshae, Fox 2 News Anchor Taryn Asher, Celebrity Stylist Latrice Delgado. Wright has also worked with Music Icon Chris Brown with his William Palmer Bandana Collection. Former NBA Player Baron Davis, Rappers Sada Baby, Icewear Vezzo, and more have all experienced the William Palmer Homme.

Wright admits that fashion began at a young age for him. Living in a fashion-forward city known for setting trends in the entertainment, style, and automotive industries inspired him to change his impoverished background trajectory through all forms of Art and Fashion. Wrights’s humility and love for his community set him apart from trends, which explains why his fashions are out of the box.

“William Palmer Hommè is a brand that caters to everyone, and we want to ensure everyone can enjoy the pieces created. We support and love our community, and the ultimate goal is to help redevelop our community as well. We need to engage more with our supporters and nonsupporters, and finding that connection is our priority. WPH is self-motivated, and I make it my job to create a good structure for my day and send that positive energy to my team. “-Quandell Wright

What can Fashion Lovers expect to see during the fall/winter Redline Fashion Show?

The fashion show will include exclusive William Palmer Homme Fashion. Wright believes in unity, fair opportunity, and the ability of each one to teach one. He has hand-selected Shannon Rucker, Bag Crush, another emerging luxury purse designer, Ghetto Kids, Lizzy Studios, and more fashion enthusiasts to share the runway alongside him. “I’m honored to share my platform with others, many opportunities have been given to me, and I’m happy to pay blessings forward.”

The Redlined Fashion Show will happen on November 4 at the Lexus Velodrome in Detroit, Michigan. Get Tickets on Eventbrite.

Instagram: @qxwilliampalmer

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