Women In Entertainment Spotlight: Mia Dagher

Mia Dagher in her own words…

Who is Mia Dagher? To understand this question is to dive deep into the world of Entertainment, Fashion, and Poetry from the soul. Family is a tremendous part of who I have become today. I am the youngest sibling of two, and my brother is my closest friend and confidant and a huge shoulder to lean on for me whenever I feel the need. My Mother Sisi was a model and has a fashion boutique in Beirut, Lebanon. From a young age, she helped mold me into a fashionista and at the time I was unaware of how much she was helping me. As an adolescent, she changed the way I walked and helped my runway walk, naturally at a young age. She balanced books on my head to help my back posture for life. Her motivation and influence helped push me into modeling and designer fashion from Paris, to my country of Lebanon, and even back to NYC. She was always supportive of my modeling, and art.

Some of the companies that I have worked for are Paramount, Apple TV, Hulu, and Prime Video. I’ve been on red carpets non-stop. I will be participating in a pageant for Miss Europe Global happening in Los Angeles on Nov 19th. Lebanese will be represented as Paris of the East.

I will be hosting a show about Arab immigrants in the USA. Sharing stories that capture our hearts, from success stories to hardship.

In what ways do you want to empower others through your creative works?

Mia: Being able to do what you love is empowering. You know how many gave up on their dreams due to obstacles, or lack of endurance? I am not patient myself but I can endure the things I love. What if you combine passion with impatience? It’s combustible which leads to fire. The passion that I have for my career keeps me busy and helps me endure.

But the impatience to achieve a goal is important once you are able to endure all difficulties.

Hollywood is the main place for cinema, and the entertainment industry. I crossed the Atlantic Ocean for bigger opportunities. So if you have to move then move. Don’t stay at your place wondering what you should have done and regretting after.

Not one small obstacle can stand in your way. I come from Lebanon, I know Lebanon is great on the artistic level but they don’t really value artists there. We’ve been recognized outside for our work.

I also would love people to be emotionally touched by any artwork of mine, through a movie, or an interview. There’s always a story that I am craving for telling that can change the way you think and perceive things. We were born in an institution where they tell us what to do and what not to do. They only tell us what is good for them, but what is good for our souls? For our beautiful planet? Only God and the arts have the answer.

What are some of the most memorable moments in your career so far?

Mia: From the smallest thing to the big stuff, every detail has an imprint on my being.

From the late-night preparations to memorizing the script, and the editing.

Traveling to cover an event was one of my best memories. I love my trip to Dubai where I covered Dubai’s International Awards Festival at the Atlantis The Palm with all the celebrities on the red carpet. I was alone trying to get exclusive interviews and fight for my spot as an outsider among all local media, but trust me I got what I and the audience want.

I still remember the fresh air and the beautiful sunset there.

Also traveling to Barcelona to cover LA Merce was one that I can never forget, I remember my brother was with me and he even enjoyed the event more than me.

Another event that I can’t get out of my mind is the Burger Festival in Lebanon, lol I guess my favorite because I like food. Imagine you get to taste all types of burgers with cheese, with mushrooms, and caramelized onions. Maybe it’s only me who tasted them all, cause you know I have to do my job and report on them.

Well, I guess my memories are a combination of food, traveling, and work.

Who are some of your favorite celebrities you’ve interviewed and why?

Mia: Adrian Gallagher, it’s funny but when I came to the US I didn’t know all the celebrities that are powerful here.

So I was on the red carpet of the making of the Godfather “The offer”, I was waiting for Miles Teller to pass by, or even I was hoping Al Pacino would pass, and had the microphone ready with all the questions. So while waiting I saw all media interviewing a little boy. I was like why are they so interested in him? He is not an actor in this movie… Well, I started thinking, maybe it’s not that interesting doing an interview with him, but he looks cute and handsome. So his manager turned the paper towards me and read his name, I search for him on Instagram, and he was like even more famous than Tom Cruise for the new generation. In 1 minute I was ready to interview him, and it even got way more views that the one with MILES TELLER.

What is a super fun fact about yourself that many aren’t aware of?

Mia: Omg that’s not just fun but weird, while in the car I relax by playing a game with myself that I have to blink my eye and count on every center between two lights on the highway.

Another fact is that I am very good at hiding without hiding.

Like I can be in the living room but you will not see me. I laugh every time it happens because it’s not my intention to hide and the other person in the house gets all scared. I guess I am transparent.

What are some of your latest projects and what can we be on the lookout for?

Mia: I’m working on a new show, a very very emotional and inspiring one. I can’t say much for now. I have the pageant next month, Miss Europe Global, a very beautiful environment, with lovable delegates, and people.

You can follow my Instagram to see the latest rehearsals and preparations. If you love soccer stay tuned, contents coming up for the World Cup.

Other stuff like acting and modeling too. I have some promising stuff to tell you about but when the time is right.

What impact do you want to make in the entertainment industry?

Mia: Well if we can all be one, work altogether without differentiation or labeling people by color or ethnicity, and be really open with all our heart to diversity in the workplace (That will be my main goal).

I’ve been here in the US for a short time, and I am already sick of hearing people referring to someone by his color to the point where they specify what type of white color he is. Well, we’re humans, we come with different colors and shapes, otherwise, the world would be so boring.

Can you imagine if we can show unity and equality in the entertainment industry, and how much influence it will have on the outside world?

The entertainment industry is the biggest industry in the world and it has the largest audience.

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