Celebrating Women’s Small Business Month With Carla Halls, Founder of The Catus Beauty Bar

October is Women’s Small Business Month and we have an amazing businesswoman to highlight. Carla Halls is the founder of The Catus Beauty Bar. After a lifetime of living with severe eczema and sensitive skin, Carla used a variety of products to cope. She struggled to find a safe, natural, and effective line of products to use.

After much trial and error, she began to see great results with her skin. In 2013, she began selling moisture enriching skincare products to family and friends. She now has a successful business that began as a hobby. We had the opportunity to interview Carla about her brand.

What is unique about The Cactus Beauty Bar?

Carla: What makes The Cactus Beauty Bar unique is that our products are geared toward every skin type. It’s for people who just like to have luxurious soft skin, natural soap lovers, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, and acne-prone skin. We are also unique because we don’t just keep it to ourselves, we also private label our products to other businesses who want to sell trusted products.

Do you believe in work life balance?

Carla: I do believe in work-life balance, however, it was a lesson that has to be learned. After working long hours seven days a week, my body taught me that I must limit my work hours and take a necessary day off. You must find the time to spend with family daily and vacation, so set work hours. When you are working at your craft, work hard at it. When you rest, rest just as hard.

What advice would you get to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Carla: My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to stay true to yourself. Don’t compare your business with another’s. Don’t worry about how others seem to be moving faster than you. Just stay the course and allow your season to come naturally.

To stay connected with Carla and her brand, be sure to follow them online @thecactusbeautybar

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