Women Who Inspire Wealth Building: Christal Johnson, Ph.D.

Christal Johnson, Ph.D. previously worked as a professor at Howard University and Syracuse University. She is now a licensed financial consultant where she empowers others with financial education and helps them develop a plan for financial freedom. She helps her clients with a comprehensive financial plan, including: Additional Income, Asset Protection, Budgeting, Debt Elimination, Education Planning, Emergency Account, Life Insurance, Investments, Retirement Planning, Savings, and Wealth Building.

She has worked as a financial consultant for seven years. Christal is life-insurance licensed in 18 states, and has her Series 6 and Series 63 securities licenses (investment licenses).

Christal does complimentary financial consultations and complimentary financial literacy events in a fun, informative, and tailored format to make financial solutions applicable to everyone’s life and budget.

When she’s not working, Christal thinks about exercising, travels, and watches “Judge Judy.”

Please tell us about your company.

Christal: My company, Christal J. Consulting, is a financial services company that focuses on financial education, empowerment, and mobilization toward financial freedom. I celebrated seven years in the business this year. Praise God!

I help my clients with the following services:

· Additional Income

· Asset Protection

· Budgeting

· Debt Elimination

· Education Planning

· Emergency Account

· Life Insurance

· Investments

· Retirement Planning

· Savings

· Wealth Building

I provide complimentary consultations to individuals, families and organizations in a judgement-free, fun and supportive environment.

In what ways does your business empower others?

Christal: I empower others by first listening to my clients’ needs to understand where they are now, and what they desire to accomplish. I then provide financial literacy that will increase their knowledge and understanding to help them make informed decisions. Next, I provide a navigation system (financial plan) to get my clients on course to reach their financial goals. I also make sure I serve as their accountability partner to help them stay the course throughout their journey toward financial freedom.

How has business been this year and are you currently seeking help with your business? If so, what kind?

Christal: Business is very steady. With the pandemic, inflation, and The Great Resignation, many people are looking for financial consultants who they trust, to give them sound financial advice, and a pathway toward something greater than working 40+ hours per week just to pay bills, pay taxes and be broke. I show them a better way, through a financial plan and an opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams.

The need for financial consultants is so great in the community that I’m expanding. I’m looking for business partners who want to get licensed in the area of financial services, help others with financial literacy, while making additional income on a part-time basis and work from home. Training is provided.

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?

Christal: Most people want time, money, or freedom. Unfortunately, the job precludes us from accessing all three simultaneously. However, I show my clients how they can have it all, and still enjoy life! So, I absolutely enjoy providing my community with options and freedom.

What else would you like our readers to know about you and your company?

Christal: My purpose in life is to educate, empower and mobilize people to freedom. I was a professor, educating students about public relations, social media, and research. Now, I’m educating others about financial planning, so they can live an abundant life.

If you have been procrastinating about getting your financial plan together, please start TODAY by contacting me, or another financial consultant, to initiate the process and get started. Isaiah 54:17 says that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. However, sometimes WE are the obstacles formed against ourselves that is causing us not to prosper.

Oftentimes, many people are embarrassed or ashamed of their financial situation and won’t seek help. But listen, I definitely know what it means to be broke, busted, and disgusted! I’ve had my car repossessed, borrowed money from payday loan companies, and was so broke that I cooked some vegetables and divided the vegetables into seven containers so that I had something to eat for the week, so I’m no stranger to hard times!

But I sought help, and I’m encouraging my community to do the same. I’m here for you.

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