Interview With Writer and Executive Producer of The Crown She Wears, Mariah Scott


The Crown She Wears philanthropic tour from Writer, and Executive Producer Mariah Scott will be a 4-city tour scheduled for this Fall 2022. The following are scheduled tour dates for the tour: Milwaukee, WI, Knoxville, TN, Birmingham, AL, and Chicago, IL.

The Crown She Wears is a stage play that follows the story of Amirah Johnson, a 27-year-old woman who seems to have it all together. She has the life she’s always wanted, the relationship she prayed for, and the career she sacrificed her time, energy, and effort to get. But as experiences from her past relationships resurface, she starts to question if her ‘perfect’ life is just a show. The Crown She Wears is a love story like you’ve never seen before; one of laughter, pain, and reflection. A love story that has Amirah is torn between choices: will she continue to support others at the expense of herself or will she finally choose her?

Mariah Scott will donate a portion of the proceeds to select youth organizations devoted to supporting youth personally and professionally in the city where she performs. For donations to the tour, please visit

We Empower Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Mariah.

What is the essence of the production and what does it mean to you?

Mariah Scott: The essence of this production is to encourage communities to engage in self-care by establishing healthy boundaries and progressive habits that lead to their wellness. I’ve found in my own practice, communities tend to understand the importance of self-care and healthy boundaries, however, sometimes struggle to identify how to put this into practice in their own lives. I decided to use the arts as a tool to highlight where both healthy and unhealthy practices can be shown in our day to day.

This production means a lot to me. If I were to describe what this production means to me in a word or phrase, I would say transformation, I would say bravery. I would say a new normal. The reason why I use these terms is that I believe it captures my process of progressing in my own healing journey as it relates to social-emotional wellness. I had to first acknowledge that I did not always practice healthy habits, which prompted me to sometimes engage in unhealthy relationships with myself and others. It took bravery for me to acknowledge that in myself because it can sometimes be difficult to be aware of where I need to improve. I want others to walk away from this play understanding that they have the power in them to take the necessary steps in progressing in their own healing journey.

What sparked your passion to bring awareness to social issues through the arts and touch on topics such as social and emotional health?

Mariah Scott: My mother enrolled me in various leadership programs that often-explored topics such as: philanthropy, community enrichment, and social justice. Through these programs, I connected to various communities including artists. I was always amazed by how artists could use tools such as visual arts and performance as a form of expression, entertainment, and freedom. I also witnessed artistry through a social justice lens where some artists had the ability to provide different perspectives on common social topics and in some cases, have the ability to move audiences to action. My interest in the arts as it relates to social/emotional wellness came from my studies in college. Growing up, I would often see my peers struggle with setting healthy boundaries, struggle with stress management or managing their feelings, or even saying ‘no’ when necessary and not feeling guilty. While getting my master’s at Syracuse, I knew I wanted to marry the two so I used theory and research to create bodies of work that allowed me to do both.

What do you enjoy most about your journey as the writer and executive producer of the crown She Wears?

Mariah Scott: As the writer and executive producer of the show, I’ve enjoyed listening to the audience’s stories who have positively been impacted by this experience. I’ve had audience members share with me that this show has prompted them to take necessary steps to develop healthier habits regarding their own self-care. It’s been rewarding to see the work and intention behind this experience pay off. I’ve also enjoyed reflecting on my own personal growth. I’ve pushed myself as a businesswoman, as a writer, and as a performer. I’ve constantly had to get out of my own way during this process. At times, I was the one holding myself back. I’ve been able to push past the self-doubt, and fears of my work not being good enough and embrace new challenges, which has allowed me to be more confident in myself and my abilities as a writer and producer. I love who I am becoming because of it.

Why is it vital for the communities to see this stage play?

Mariah Scott: I believe it is vital for communities to see this stage play because this play provides practical scenarios, we may find ourselves in while exploring self-care and healthy boundaries in our own lives and ways we can push forward. In my own practice, I’ve learned, that our views on these topics tend to be influenced by our communities or the culture around us. Sometimes, these views do more harm than help. For example, as a woman of color growing up, I was taught to be selfless; to give to others, and to do for others continuously without question. As a result, I found myself overextending my support to others because I was not taught healthy boundary setting. This play is to encourage and empower communities to reflect on their own teachings; to use the arts as a medium to define these terms for ourselves and put into practice healthy habits that lead to healthier relationships with self and others.

What else are you currently working on at this time?

Mariah Scott: I have been working on a poetry book. I do not have a release date for this, but it is something I have been working on for a while.

What keeps you motivated to keep being a storyteller in the theater arena?

Mariah Scott: Honestly, I believe my motivation stems from my family, my community, and my purpose. I believe the impact I have made and will continue to make keeps me motivated.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

Mariah Scott: We are looking to expand this experience to more spaces nationwide and therefore, we are currently fundraising to expand this opportunity to other spaces so we can continue this work. If you are interested in donating, you can do so at We are also accepting sponsors as well. If you are interested in learning more about our sponsorship package, feel free to contact our team at

How can we keep up to date with you on social media?

Mariah Scott: If you would like to keep up with my journey on social media, you can subscribe to my website at to join our listserv or you can follow me on my account @mariahnscott.

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