Breakup Coach Tiffany Smith: Coaching Women to Love Themselves Post-Breakup

Most women feel relief and empowerment once they’ve ended their marriage or relationship, but unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get there. Ending a relationship can be difficult, painful, and confusing. They feel scared, alone, and unsure of what the future holds. They may also feel angry, resentful, and betrayed. There are many factors to consider, and it can be hard to make the right decision. It was also factors that made Tiffany Smith, the Breakup Coach, come to offer services as a coach for women seeking solace amid the emotional turmoil that comes with the ending of relationships. She has helped them heal from their broken hearts and emotional trauma to find themselves and live their authentic truth.

Raised in New Jersey, she took pleasure in helping the community around her. An individual flag bearer to the idea of women’s empowerment, she always felt she had to plant her twigs in the garden, too. After experiencing the tribulations of a divorce and finding herself coiling back to unkempt decisions, it opened a whole new perspective for her. Working through her emotional trauma brought Smith to a place of healing – opening an opportunity for her to coach others.

I chatted with Smith in a brief interview and learned more about her company and coaching business. She told me her story of how she got started in the industry and what motivates her to help others who endure breakups.

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me today. Can you share a little of your backstory and what was the turning key to becoming a “Breakup Coach?”

My inspiration for becoming a Breakup Coach came directly from my lived experience. I struggled so much with even the decision to get a divorce. Moreover, many people, society, and even therapists urged me to stay in an unhappy situation. After trying so hard to avoid divorce and the pain I was sure would come, I ultimately decided to leave the relationship. My journey was long and painful. And unfortunately, I didn’t feel close to myself, constantly subjecting myself to others’ opinions. After my healing and the freedom and happiness that came from it, I decided I wanted to help more women know that it is ok to get divorced. And to teach women that they will be ok after a breakup. In fact, they will come back better than ever.

How did you choose “Breakup Coach” as a permanent professional name of what you want to be called?

For me, it’s pretty straightforward. We seek the help of coaches when we need help and guidance to improve in certain areas. Entrepreneurs hire business coaches. People who desire to be fit and healthy may hire fitness coaches or nutritionists. I chose to create the role of “Breakup Coach” because I realized that so many people are afraid of breakups. Even though nearly every human will experience the pain of a breakup, we still try everything to avoid the pain, discomfort, and uncertainty, even staying in unhealthy situations. I coach people through or into their breakups so they can fall in love with a new version of themselves.

Tell me about your company, “Dare to B You.” Why that title? Is there significance to it? If so, what?

The name of my company is also my motto in my coaching. There’s a lot of symbolism behind it. We are born such unique human beings. But due to society, conditioning, negative self-talk, and the opinions of others, we often put distance between who we are and the person we pretend to be.

“Dare to B You” is about helping others find their authentic selves.  We need to be true to ourselves to be happy. The title is significant because it encourages people to take risks and be themselves, no matter what others think. I say “Dare” to be you because it takes courage, effort, and commitment to be your authentic self, and I am extremely passionate about helping others embody their true spirits.

What makes what you do and offer differ from other life coaches?

What makes what I do and offer different from other life coaches is that I wholeheartedly believe in self-love as a healing tool. A lot of life coaches preach marriage but don’t talk about self-love. Moreover, other life coaches may advocate for immediate action, such as diving into the dating world immediately after. I think it’s important to love yourself so you can have a healthy relationship with someone else if that is what you choose. But finding a new partner should not be the focus. Another thing that makes me different is that I am transparent and honest. I share my divorce story with my clients because I want them to know they are not alone.

How can people connect with you?

The best way to connect with me is to find me on Instagram @daretobyou or book a call with me through my website at

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