Licensed Psychotherapist Rana Ryan On Transforming The Lives of Individuals and Families

Consult with Rana Ryan private practice came to conception in 2006, after Rana Ryan worked in Social Services for 14 years providing counseling services to children and families that were reunited after being in foster care. Rana Ryan envisioned providing services to families and organizations without barriers. Since then Rana Ryan has worked with families across New York State transforming patient lives from addiction, suicide, depression, and anxiety.

In 2022, Rana Ryan launched Transforming Through Change LLC which is a holistic private practice that works from a place of Self Love.

“We believe that therapy is a way to process your life experiences so you can see and feel your life transform. At TTC we offer various mental health services to families and children to address mental health disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar and Borderline Personality.”-Rana Ryan, LCSW, CCTP, MBA, MPA.

TTC also provides professional development training for non-profit organizations such as case-management training, leadership training, anger management training, team building, mental health assessments, and more…

We Empower Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Licensed Social Worker/Licensed Psychotherapist, Rana Ryan, LCSW, CCTP, MBA, MPA.

Communication, trust, and honesty are great characteristics when it comes to building relationships of any kind. From your expertise, what are some tips you can share with our readers about relationship building?

Rana Ryan: In my expert opinion, relationships from the partnership, friendship, marriage, and or parent & child, trust, honesty, and open communication will build the relationship into a harmonious and loving union that cannot be separated even when you’re physically not together. Trust builds emotional connections, in this society in which we live it is believed that physical connection builds trust, but in retrospect, trust builds an emotional connection which outweighs any physical connection. When building a healthy relationship it is important to use honesty to show the true expression of love, vulnerability, and transparency. Honesty is the highest form of respect in a relationship and when used correctly love is sustainable. Communication with someone shows understanding, and in all relationships, we each want to be understood, because being understood help get our needs met in a relationship.

We understand that you have a new book. What can you tell us about it?

Rana Ryan: Addiction Aunt Jacky is based on a true story about the Crack Cocaine era; it reaches the soul of America’s crack cocaine families, it touched many who read about the lost girl who was exposed to drugs, crimes, and left to figure out her life on the streets and the choices she had in front of her.

As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, what advice can you share with those who are currently experiencing trauma?

Rana Ryan: As a trauma professional, the first thing I think about is ACS’s, Adverse Childhood Experiences that adults struggle to identify and understand. Trauma affects all who experience it, but the first tool is to identify that you may be struggling with residue and or symptoms that may stem from childhood trauma. Many people suppress their trauma and are not aware that they are living from the place when they were traumatized. I would say start to self-assess to see if you may have been traumatized in your life and if so, do these trauma behaviors, worries, anxieties depressions, interfere with your daily living as you are seeking help.

In what ways does the work that you do make an impact on your clients in a positive way?

Rana Ryan: The work that I do is transformational, I work to uncover generational trauma that needs to be understood in order to process and make changes that are sustainable. My patients discover a new lifestyle of peace that is created in the healing journey. The work I do with my patients becomes a lifestyle, there are no quick fixes here at TTC.

How do you want your clients to feel after they had a session with you?

Rana Ryan: As you leave transforming through change, you will feel motivated to see yourself, love yourself, and solve your problems holistically. I have been told by each and every one of my patients that after their first appointment they feel lighter, in control, and optimistic about their life and their future. I always want my patients to have the choice to return and they choose to return because they see and feel their lives transforming after each visit.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

Rana Ryan: I spent my entire career working with families and children assisting in the development of their lives and their emotional wellness and their family structure. I live to build amazing families which is the matriarch of our country. Family is taken for granted and I pride myself on building healthy relationships amongst families for them to sustain, and maintain foundations that will rebuild generations to come.

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