Interview with Haus of Brunch Co-Owner, Myron Clark

Tabu Gantt, Myron Clark, Maher Obeid

Haus of Brunch is an elevated brunch concept offering flavorful combinations with a deep menu selection in a polished ambiance and, in just one year, has positioned itself as a destination location in Downtown Auburn Hills. With a business model built on growth, the Haus of Brunch brand is in good hands. Its ownership group has a combined 60+ years of experience; comprised of Maher Obeid, Tabu Gantt and Myron Clark.

Maher was the project manager of three #1 rated Mediterranean brands before manufacturing what would become Haus of Brunch and creating his own management company. He brings a tremendous amount of connections and knowledge as it pertains to the industry and is a true visionary. Tabu is the culinary brains behind Haus of Brunch. Extremely creative, Chef Tabu is responsible for creations like The Seafood Omelet and Haus of Brunch’s #1 seller, Chicken n Waffles. Myron brings corporate structure and experience to the team with multiple corporate restaurant openings under his belt prior to launching his own corporation.

We Empower Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Myron Clark, President/CEO of The Regal Brand Inc.

Myron Clark

Maher Obeid

Tabu Gantt


What has it been like working together as business partners?

Myron: It’s had its challenges, working with two other minds on Haus of Brunch but for that same reason its been extremely rewarding. When we’re in synergy we have the ability to bounce raw ideas and fully develop them into fruition; that’s a rare talent for a collective effort this massive. No one person is bigger than the group; we all bring something different to the table. The experience is most rewarding when we work in unison.

What do you love most about being in the restaurant industry?

Myron: My career has evolved so much; I’ve honestly loved every part of it. As a restaurateur it’s all about leaning into the next generation; teaching and coaching. It’s extremely rewarding to teach someone something I was once taught. In fact, giving back is part of The Regal Brand core values. Every company in the ecosystem will be a pillar in the community and an example of excellence; that’s why I’m so proud of the partnership between between Beans to Bags and Haus of Brunch. Beans to Bags is a local coffee roasting company, ran by high school students, that is responsible for the coffee program at Haus of Brunch. Not only do they roast the single origin Yemeni coffee beans used in the cafe at Haus of Brunch but they also created Haus of Brunch’s very own Haus Blend Coffee.

What makes your place of business unique special and unique?

Myron: The niche Haus of Brunch is operating in is unique — choosing to be a polished casual concept with a full cafe and juice bar, as opposed to what the industry currently has to offer; having music as a focal point of the Haus of Brunch experience is unique, going as far as to have it live on weekends. All of this makes Haus of Brunch what it is, including its unique menu. Haus of Brunch offers a completely Halal menu, that’s significant if not unique as Michigan has the 6th largest Muslim population in the United States and that demographic makes up 20% of Haus of Brunch’s target market.

How would you describe your entrepreneurial journey so far?

Myron: Unpredictable. Which is weird because my moves are so calculated. I have a plan but everyday is different so you have to be nimble and pivot in the face of adversity or on the other hand know when opportunity is knocking. When I retired from my corporate job and started The Regal Brand I didn’t fathom that I would be talking about partner and Haus of Brunch today. It’s a pleasure to work with such like minded individuals like Maher and Tabu on Haus of Brunch. From the beginning of this venture I’ve always said that things just felt right; having a vision for an ecosystem of companies akin in core values then finding the right partners and now seeing it come into fruition for us all — it’s surreal at times.

What has been some feedback from those who have visited your restaurant?

Myron: Feedback on Haus of Brunch has been overwhelmingly positive. Our social media engagement and following continues to grow and Haus of Brunch maintains a positive Google reputation. People enjoy the music, the portions, the polished ambiance and the consistency in regard to service at Haus of Brunch.

For anyone who wants to visit your place of business, what would you highly recommend?

Myron: I always suggest guests have a look at Chef’s Feature Card, it’s updated monthly. It generally features a seasonal variation of the Haus of Brunch Overnight French Toast. You can’t go wrong with any of the Signature Dish’s at Haus of Brunch like The Southerner, Chef Tabu’s take on shrimp and grits, or the Blueberry Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes.

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