Executive Producer, Publicist, Entrepreneur, and Author Ebony Porter-Ike Redefines the ‘Talented Tenth’ with Coinology: The Podcast

Notable ‘Certified Deal Closer’ invites her successful peers onto newly created entrepreneurial podcast.

Coinology: The Podcast is the latest curation from empathic entrepreneur, Public Relations powerhouse, and Certified Deal Closer, Ebony Porter-Ike. Coinology, in and of itself, is a rebirthing of the concept of the Talented Tenth, coined in 1903 by black educator W.E.B. Du Bois, emphasizing the necessity for higher education to develop the leadership capacity amongst the most able 10 percent of black Americans. Coinology: The Podcast increases the accessibility to said leadership by providing a casual, safe space for entrepreneurs and professionals to participate in beneficial and in-depth conversations that will allow potential business owners to emerge into higher levels of greatness.

Each episode includes up-close and personal interviews with some of the most influential and experienced industry leaders. This is a must listen for those looking to expand their network and learn from those who have successfully navigated entrepreneurism. Powerhouse guests of the premiere season include highly sought-after entrepreneurs, including:

• Darryl Drake, Network Marketing Millionaire

• Tamra Simmons, Peabody Award Winner & Emmy-nominated TV Producer

• Marquel Russell, Millionaire Entrepreneur &’ King of Client Attraction’

• Teresa Morcho, CEO of the Stud Model Project

• Dolapo Erinkitola, CEO of Dolapo E. Productions

•Dwight Buckner, Jr., Entrepreneur & Tik Tok’s Most Influential Pastor

Armed with some of the most impactful community-building entrepreneurs on its roster, Coinology: The Podcast will continue to reinvigorate the concept of the Talented Tenth, while evolving and shaping black American leadership principles.

Season 1 of Coinology: The Podcast, is available to stream on Spotify and Anchor beginning August 3, 2022, with episodes airing bi-weekly. Additional podcast streaming platforms will be available Fall 2022. For more information on Coinology: The Podcast, visit their website at www.coinology.biz and follow and support @coinology on Instagram.

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