Celebrating Black Business Month With Life Insurance Expert Stephanie Harris

Stephanie Harris was born and raised in Detroit MI, where she attended the Detroit Public Schools System. She’s a Wife and Mother of 7 children. Stephanie has worked her entire life to fulfill her dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Things didn’t start off well for Stephanie, she was born into a broken home and became a teenage mom at the age of 15. Despite Stephanie’s obstacles in life, she figured out a way to still achieve her dreams, by NEVER GIVING UP! Stephanie finished High School and put herself through college where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology & Ministry Sciences.

Stephanie‘s Ministry is helping others understand the blessing of c Benefits & Financial Literacy. Stephanie has been in the Insurance Business for over 8 years. In 2021, Stephanie decided to step out on Faith and open her own Insurance Firm “The Insurance Experts”, where she recruits and trains others on how to become successful in the Insurance Business. Giving Back is Stephanie’s main priority.

Stephanie Harris is a proud Member of That Girl Tribe.

What does your business mean to you and your clients? 

Stephanie: My business means growth to me and my Clients. Growth in areas where a lot of the people from my culture are under-educated in. My clients not only get Quality Insurance Policies, they also become educated on how the coverage works when they pass away. Our policies can help them while they are alive as well.

What impact do you want to make in the world as an entrepreneur? 

Stephanie: I would like to help change the stigma about life insurance protection. Some cultures feel it’s bad luck to take out a life insurance policy on someone. In reality, it’s the total opposite. If my platform and business can help change just 1 family’s mind on how great it is to have these policies in place for their Loved ones, I will definitely be Grateful for having that one opportunity.

How has your experience been so far being a part of the That Girl Tribe? 

Stephanie: I LOVE THAT GIRL TRIBE! The sisterhood bond and the connections that you make are awesome! It’s such a blessing that Natasha Lee had the vision to put this group together Strictly for the purpose of helping build other women and business owners up. This is My tribe! I look forward to helping grow the That Girl Tribe in the future.

Are you currently seeking help with your business, if so what kind?

Stephanie: Yes, I’m currently looking to train and hire new representatives. We are able to hire and train Nationwide. We accept applicants from the age of 18 years old. We are training individuals to start their own insurance agencies. Resumes can be sent to:Theinsurancelady313@gmail.com

What are you most proud of during your entrepreneurial journey? 

Stephanie: I’m most Proud of My Persistence. I never gave up even when times were hard, when people told me to walk away and go get a regular job. Staying consistent and focused is what helped me Become the Successful Entrepreneur that I am today. Today I am changing lives one family at a time.

What are you looking forward to? 

Stephanie: I’m looking forward to the future of my business growth. Helping others realize their fullest financial potential. Teaching,Training,& Growing. I also look forward to spending more time with my “THAT GIRL TRIBE!

What else would you like for our readers to know about your company? 

Stephanie: I would like everyone to know that we are growing and will be coming to a local area near you. We are here to help our clients when they need it the most. Our clients will not have to Grieve and Beg at the same time. We are A+ rated

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Photo Credit: Derek Olbreys

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