Celebrating Black Business Month With Dr. Jacqueline King Ph.D.

August is Black Business Month. We are highlighting amazing Black businesses, especially those businesses that help other entrepreneurs grow. One such organization is Black Women Empowered Inc, founded by Dr. Jacqueline King Ph.D.

Dr. King started Black Women Empowered over ten years ago after watching Black Girls Rock on BET. She started in a group on Facebook with just over two hundred women. That same group today has over two hundred thousand women. Since then, she’s launched several FB Pages with millions of followers. She has over seventy thousand followers on Instagram, over one hundred thousand on Pinterest, over two hundred thousand on LinkedIn, just under three thousand on Twitter, and over ten thousand on TikTok. Black Women Empowered is a Social Media Ministry/Network. Dr. King stresses the importance of networking amongst individuals especially in business. We had the opportunity to learn more about Dr. King and her success.

What do you define as success?

Dr. King: Success to me is when you are making a positive difference in people’s lives which is measured by the fact they continue to return, and their lives are improved. Money is important, of course, but helping people and giving them hope is essential, in my opinion.

What was the inspiration behind your brand?

Dr. King: God is the inspiration behind my brand. We have had live workshops and events where women can sell their products and services and get empowerment from great speakers. In addition to business resources, we have online Bible study and things to inspire women. We are a God-focused network/ministry.

What is your best piece of advice for aspiring and new entrepreneurs?

Dr. King: Consistency and knowing your audience, what moves them to keep coming to your pages or buying your products. You have to be forever open to new technology and growing trends. For example, I knew nothing about TikTok but I had to get in there and study it to build my brand and audience.

Do you believe that work/life balance exists? If so, how do you gain that balance?

Dr. King: I absolutely believe in work-life balance. If you put everything into your job, career, or business and neglect family and friends you will look back one day with regrets. I believe that family and friends are extremely important and although we all have times when we may have to do some work after hours, we should make it a priority not to do this on a regular basis. Set limits. I don’t take calls typically after 6 pm. It can wait until the next day or next business day if it’s Friday. I don’t work on weekends, unless I have a big interview.

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