Women In Business To Watch: Katiucia “Kay” Pierre Louis, Founder of the Kplux Shop

Hi, We Empower Magazine readers, we are thrilled to introduce Katiucia “Kay” Pierre Louis, Founder of Kplux Shop to you. The KPlux Shop is a phenomenal online fashion boutique born out of a passion to celebrate all women across the world, inspire confidence, and above all promote self-love.

Katiucia “Kay” Pierre Louis, is a nurse who always felt that her calling and life’s purpose is to help others. Having had a successful career in healthcare is her way of giving back and a way to make a difference in the world.

We Empower Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Katiucia.

The moment when you knew your life’s purpose was to help others?

Katiucia: As a nurse for several years, I always enjoyed the opportunity to help others. My wonderful career in healthcare was my way to make a difference in the world, but it never kept me feeling absolutely complete. What was missing was my greater purpose. I realized that I wanted to do something with greater reach — something that could change lives around the world!

How did you come about KPLux Shop? What is the mission of your company?

Katiucia: I found that my love for fashion could put me in a position to help women across the globe and I knew that it was my one true purpose. I believe self-love and self-care are the foundations for a happy life. I also believe that every woman throughout the world should know and feel their worth through self-love and self-care. Hence the birth of KPlux Shop! KPlux Shop is a fashion-focused brand for women missioned to provide every client with an opportunity for true self-expression and self-love.

When you think of women’s empowerment what comes to mind?

Katiucia: When I think of women’s empowerment, what comes to mind is the women’s movement. I think of women taking back ownership of how they carry themselves and what they should demand of society. I think of women bonding together and moving as one to support and nurture each other in times that still don’t seem to be in their favor. Most importantly, when I think of women’s empowerment, I think of the KPLux experience and our mission to help be an avenue towards a greater tomorrow for women.

In what ways do you showcase self-expression and self love?

Katiucia: I love showcasing intricate pieces that I mix and match to come up with the right look I am going for. Each look is another expression about how I feel about myself and my levels of confidence. I use my accessories to showcase my attitude and confidence as well. A woman who can best focus on what matters most to her and can freely express that through her passion can essentially be comfortable in her skin and love herself as she authentically is.

What else would you like our readers to know about you/KPlux Shop?

Katiucia: As the founder and visionary of KPLux Shop, my team and I are working hard to share this exciting new experience with everyone who does not know about the KPLux Shop! KPlux is not just another brand for my team and myself. While our competitors’ focus is on the bottom line- KPLux is a passion project reflecting my life-long love of fashion and style, while aiming to help others find the best in themselves!


KPlux Shop came into prominence as a one-stop journey of self-expression and self-love — a journey of empowerment offering luxury items at affordable prices making it possible for all women to step out and feel their worth through self-love one fashionable outfit at a time!

Learn more by visiting https://kpluxshop.com/

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