TCP Network Creator Marquis Lupton Addresses Lack of Diversity in News Programming

Inspired by media moguls such as Tyler Perry, and Byron Allen, Marquis Lupton wanted to bring a fresh voice, fresh perspective, and diversity to his regional news scene. So he created the TCP Network to address the lack of diversity in news programming.

Lupton says, that so many times as a news reporter, he would be pulled off an amazing story, only to cover another shooting, another fight, or another fire. It gets exhausting covering your people in a negative light constantly he stated.

Marquis is a role model for aspiring media professionals who want to share positive, impactful, and inspiring stories.

We Empower Magazine obtained an exclusive interview with Marquis.

We understand that you received an Equity Council Grant for your Media Center. Please tell us about your goals, and the impact you plan to make?

Marquis: Our goal is to grow our media academy. We live in a world where we’re becoming more digital, and with more content being developed for social media outlets, we want to supply our surrounding area with the tools, technology, and classes to maximize on their content creation and possibly generate money for themselves/brand. The impact we plan to make is to equip these content creators with the technology to create their content on a high level, then distribute that content on our mobile app for the general public to enjoy. Our end goal is to grow our full-service podcast and content services so that both the veteran content creator and novice content creators can compete in a competitive digital content field.

Congratulations on speaking at the Blk Podcasting conference in Atlanta. What topics did you touch on?

Marquis: I spoke about what to look for in a podcast network. I spoke about our mobile app, and how to curate the best content and talent for your podcast network. Though speaking at the event was amazing, my greatest experience came when I was in the audience learning. I learned so much more about the “Wild Wild West” of podcasting we’re in right now, and learned so much about the real business side of podcasting, versus the hustling side of it. It was a great once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Adult Proms are so much fun! Are you seeking assistance with this event? If so, what kind? 

Marquis: Yes, they are super fun!!! And this year proceeds from the event will go towards our after-school media program at our media center, as well as two $1000 book scholarships for students interested in Journalism that are also members of The Rita Smith-Wade-El Intercultural Center at Millersville University. So, the kind of help we need is financial. We would love to expand our journalism programs at our media center, and include some more adult programming to provide media training (shooting, editing, lighting, or audio) which would offer these folks life changing opportunities (like working for a local media outlet, or a larger studio).

You are super busy launching a radio station, magazine, and app these days. What keeps you motivated to stay in the media industry?

Marquis: I’m a media guy through and through. I’ve learned that about myself, and have accepted that. After my news reporter career, I tried working in corporate America and it wasn’t bad, but I found myself doing side media projects. For example, when I was working for Independence Blue Cross Insurance, I was making great money but what did I do with that extra money???? Start a wedding videography/production company and launch my first online magazine called F.A.C.E. Philly (which was an acronym that stood for Family, Art, Community, Entertainment). And after our department consolidated and I was laid off, I vowed to always “stay in my lane” and feed what fed me, and that was the media. So that’s what keeps me motivated. “It Keeps callin me” <Pookie Voice>

What else are you currently working on?

Marquis: E-Sports!!! We recently secured a partnership with a local organization to bring E-Sports and E-sports league broadcasting to our media center. There’s a unique overlap with media and E-Sports and they both are billion-dollar industries, so this is another way to get our youth and surrounding communities interested in other industries, careers, and opportunities they traditionally wouldn’t know about. Also, I’m working on getting our morning news show “TCP In The Morning” picked up by some network (digital or traditional television). We combine a unique sense of entertainment with the facts we deliver every morning. Outside of the media center, this is the most important project to me to date, because this crew has been working hard for the past two years (since the shutdown), to bring “news differently” to the masses, and I have seen nothing but group with the crew and show!

Any other exclusive news you want to share with us?

Marquis: Outside of pitching TCP In The Morning to other outlets (I’m looking at you Roland Martin lol), We’re currently looking for Angel Investors. We have our pitch deck ready to go for anyone interested. But, we do not want to keep the concept of TCP/Positive Media Academy to ourselves. We want to spread the concept not only around the country but also around the world. We want to set-up these media/content “academies” for veteran and novice content creators to come, use the equipment, learn new skills, network with like-minded creators, and have their content broadcasted on our app. That’s some behind-the-scenes stuff for ya right there!!

How can we keep up to date with all you have going on?

Marquis: Download the TCP+ mobile app today, and subscribe to our e-blasts!

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