Interview With Lighthouse Center for Therapy & Play Owner and Lead Therapist, Y. Mimi Ryans

July is Minority Mental Health Month and we are highlighting amazing professionals helping combat the stigma of mental health in our communities.

Y. Mimi Ryans LCSW-C, RPT-S, CCPT, is the Owner and lead therapist at Lighthouse Center for Therapy & Play. For the past decade, she has provided quality mental health services to children and families either experiencing mental health crises or those with specific mental health needs. In the last few years, it has become more evident to her that the focus on trauma when addressing children’s mental health needs is imperative to their healing and completing their treatment. It’s important to explore not only the presentation, but the “why” behind it. She is a fully licensed Social Worker in the District of Columbia, and the states of Maryland, Florida and Georgia. Ms. Ryans’ passion in working with children and adults that have experienced trauma has been one of the most rewarding aspects of her work. In 2014, Ms. Ryans chose to open an insurance-based private group practice in Columbia, Maryland has successfully operated that practice since. Most recently, Ms. Ryans’ interests are in working with high conflict divorce and custody cases to assist the adult parties with identifying what’s in the best interest of the children/children in their lives.

We spoke with Ms. Ryans and learned more about her work.

What was the inspiration behind starting your own practice?

Ms. Ryans: I have worked for several practices and had not been able to find anyone that believed in what I believed. I created a practice that welcomed not only our clients and their families but also supported and encouraged our clinicians.

What do you feel are some unique struggles that underrepresented groups face?

Ms. Ryans: History and the impact that it has on the present. Most underrepresented groups of people, especially in the United States don’t fully grasp the idea that our past; whether beliefs, ideals, or whatever are some of the most influential components of our present.

What services do you offer as it relates to mental health?

Ms. Ryans: I am a Clinical Social Worker so I do individual therapy. I also work with the courts and provide some custody evaluation services for high conflict relationships and divorces. I am interested in and certified to work as a Parent Coordinator to assist parents in high conflict divorces to determine and establish their future engagement and contact with their children. I love working with people and seeing their progress and having them realize how far they have come.

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